Self-Service POS and mPOS – Erply’s Two New Super Tools!

Erply’s new self-service POS and mPOS are new projects created with the goal of shaping the future of point of sale functionality. The two products offer additional functionality to customers while still supporting the retailer’s existing POS. We’re incredibly proud to launch our own self-service POS and mPOS!

These products were created to be easy-to-use, thin, elegant, and compact. The core idea is that the user can begin using either product immediately after it has been set up on their device. Self-service POS and mPOS flawlessly perform all core tasks one might expect from a point of sale — more on that below.

We always strive for flexibility, which why our self-service POS enables retailers to customize the interface to best fit the needs of their business. Alter button and background colors, fonts, add logos, and configure quick-select keys with popular inventory. These features allow for customer-specific branding and can make for a unique shopping experience.


What Do You Need to Use Erply’s Self-Service POS and mPOS?

Both of Erply’s new points of sale are independent computer programs that you can download to your device. It’s an incredibly user-friendly program, meaning that anybody can manage the download and activation process.
The only requirement for using the self-service POS is having Chrome (works with both Windows and Mac devices) set up on your PC.
As the product information is associated with a specific Erply account, only Erply’s customers can use these points of sale.


Self-Service POS

Since the self-service POS is operated by the shopper and not a trained employee, it has to meet a number of special requirements – it has to be easy-to-use and logical, and the user must be able to manage it independently.

We started by designing an incredibly simple POS screen that presents the buyer with three panels:

  • Product quick selection;
  • Product search function;
  • List of purchase, i.e. receipt.

Erply’s self-service POS does allow the customer to manually search for products, but the primary method for identifying products is using the scanner to beep the code – just as simple as that! The product quick selection options can be set up the same way as in Erply’s POS system.

A separate administrator view that enables adjusting the POS, removing items from the receipt, etc. can be accessed in case of problems (which inevitably happen from time to time). A specific user is given administrator access and a PIN code to log into the system.

Since the self-service POS isn’t opened and closed at the start and end of a day (e.g. there’s no need to count or declare the money), it’s perfectly fine to leave the POS running overnight. Naturally, it’s completely OK to shut it down as well – once the data has been entered into the POS, it’ll always be operational immediately after it is turned on.
It’s not possible to monitor products or product groups with sale restrictions (e.g. verifying the age of a person purchasing alcohol or cigarettes) with the new self-service POS just yet, but we are working on adding that functionality.

All transactions that go through the self-service POS will also be entered into the back office.



Although Erply has technically had an iPad compatible mPOS for quite some time, it only now became available on mobile phones. This is an entirely new product built from scratch that takes into account the capacity and possibilities of mobile phones – it has been designed specifically for mobile devices.

To start off, the system is significantly faster, making it a seller’s super tool! Secondly, it helps bring the customer service personnel to the streets, to fairs, and to pop-up shops, significantly increasing the reach of any business.

A phone screen has limited space, which is why great consideration went into what to display and how. You can comfortably scroll through Erply’s mPOS with your thumb. The mPOS has three views:

    • Customers;
    • Document;
    • Products (incl. stock).

All the information you might need is readily available. To top it off, the phone’s camera works as a barcode scanner for quick and easy use.

Unlike the self-service POS, the mPOS allows the customer to pay both in cash and by card. The receipt can be sent directly to the customer’s email.
Our new mPOS also has a pending sale function, which allows the user to save the sale as a pending transaction and access it later in the POS system – that way the service clerk can make the sale on the store floor and formalize the document at an actual checkout.
If you’ve already set up an external terminal, then the Erply mPOS will require no special set up. The mPOS is currently available for iOS but will be made available on Android very soon.

As can be expected from Erply’s products, the functions of the self-service POS and mPOS can be customized to the customer’s needs. For example, Erply’s self-service POS enables identifying the customer based on their phone number. Naturally, we will continue improving the programmes – we are currently working on adding an offline mode and upgrading the existing functions.

Both POS systems will be available late January. Contact Erply now to learn more about the new self-service POS and mPOS!

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