What do I need to setup my Erply Self-Checkout?

Erply Self-Checkout installation requires a Windows system and a Google Chrome browser with Java installed. As for hardware, Erply Self-Checkout needs a touchscreen, scanner, receipt printer and payment terminal in order to work. To finish the setup of your Erply Self-Checkout and sync your store information, you will also need to have an Erply account.


Can I install Erply Self-Checkout by myself?

You can easily install Erply Self-Checkout by following our instructions. To setup Erply Self-Checkout, you will also need a mouse and a keyboard.


How can I enter store and product information to my Erply Self-Checkout?

Store and product information must be uploaded to your Erply back office. By login to your Erply Self-Checkout account, your store information will be synced automatically.


Which browser can I use it on?

At the moment, Erply Self-Checkout is only available for Google Chrome.


Do I need any additional programs?

Java must be downloaded and installed on your device to make Erply Self-Checkout work. You can download the latest version of Java from www.java.com.


Can I use my own hardware?

Yes, it is possible to use Erply Self-Checkout with your existing hardware. In order to work, Erply Self-Checkout requires a touchscreen, scanner, receipt printer, and payment terminal. Erply Self-Checkout software is compatible with Windows and Google Chrome.


Can I choose my own brand color scheme?

Yes. Erply Self-Checkout has flexible configuration options with a wide variety of colors to match your brand.


How do I benefit from using Erply Self-Checkout?

You can improve your store management by reassigning employees from working cashier lanes to other tasks that enhance the customer experience such as restocking goods, cleaning the store, and bagging groceries. One employee is enough to manage several self-checkouts.


How does a client benefit from Erply Self-Checkout?

By using Erply Self-Checkout, shoppers face shorter lines and can checkout their items with more control and privacy.


Does it have multiple language options?

Yes, Erply Self-Checkout is a multilingual system that currently supports three different languages.


Where do I get the payment terminal?

You can request a card terminal from your bank. Feel free to ask for more information about card terminal integrations from us or your preferred bank.


Will loyalty programs work on Erply Self-Checkout?

Yes. Clients are able to enter their loyalty code, input discounts, and claim special deals which the back office will apply automatically.


Can I sell products that need to be weighed?

Yes. You can add a scale to Erply Self-Checkout, so clients may place the products on the scale and choose a product ID from the shop directory.


How can a customer checkout a product?

Erply Self-Checkout is easy to use and has no confusing steps. Clients have several options to enter an item, including:

  • Scanning the product using a barcode scanner.
  • Choosing the product from the shop directory.
  • Enter the product barcode manually.
  • Weigh products on an attached scale and select the matching product using the shop directory.


Which payment devices are compatible with Erply Self Checkout?

The payment devices compatible with Erply Self Checkout are:

  • Nets (Finland)
  • Swedbank (Estonia)
  • Cayan (United States)


Do you rent self checkout terminals?

Yes, if you want to rent self checkout hardware for a monthly fee:

  • Monthly Desk Plan Hardware Rental Fee: $ 89
  • Monthly Kiosk Plan Hardware Rental Fee: $ 169

For more information regarding hardware rental please contact us.


How can I open an Erply account?

Get started with Erply by contacting us at https://erply.com/contact-us/. You can also find more information about Erply Point of Sale here: https://erply.com/point-of-sale/.