Erply Shopify Connector

Keep all of your e-commerce data on one central platform with Erply’s Shopify connector. The Shopify connector can be used to integrate with an existing Shopify webshop. Don’t worry about building your shop from the group-up, our app lets you easily connect inventory and product data with your Shopify e-commerce solution.

Your business in front of more shoppers for endless benefits

Not yet online with your business? Erply makes it easy to unleash your profit potential.

Increase your profits

Putting your business online means more consumers. More consumers means more sales and more sales means enhanced reputation.

Boost your brand

Let customers see your brand like in a whole new way and reap the benefits when they become organic advocates of your products and services.

Your customer first

Empower your shoppers to buy what they want, when they want and with a wider selection to choose from than ever before.

Go global

When your business goes digital, your products and services are displayed in front of the whole world, increasing brand awareness.

Efficiently nimble

Truly modernize and streamline all your sales channels and worry less about human errors from those pesky data entry and inventory hiccups.

Enhanced e-commerce

Did you know putting your business online helps bring more shoppers to your retail store locations, where you can also drive traffic back to your online shop?

Export products to Shopify
  • product groups
  • products and product variations
  • product images
  • product prices
  • product stock levels
Export any changes to Shopify
  • added, modified or deleted groups
  • added, modified, moved, deleted or archived products
  • added or deleted product images
  • changes in product pricing
  • changes in product stock
Import orders into Erply
  • paid orders
  • shipping cost and substracted discounts
  • customers, shipping addresses, and billing addresses
  • payments changes in product stock
Why use Erply to integrate your POS with Shopify?
  • Move inventory faster
  • 24/7 product availability
  • More diverse sales opportunities

Connecting Erply with your Shopify webshop opens your store up to entirely new demographics. Webshop integration allow you to expand your retail offerings without taking away from too much of your time or resources. See exactly how Erply can be used to integrate with your Shopify webshop.
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