Locally Integration

Locally is one of the world’s largest online-to-offline shopping networks. Specialty brands and retailers use Locally’s technology as an easy and affordable way to reach more local, ready-to-buy shoppers.

Locally is a B2B2C online network founded by brick-and-mortar retailers — not a marketing firm, manufacturer, retailer, search engine, or e-commerce platform — so Locally’s technology connects offline businesses directly to online customers. Locally’s partners are located worldwide and include both major and hyper-local brands and stores.

Erply’s inventory integration with Locally allows you to quickly and easily sync your inventory to Locally, so that millions of shoppers can find and buy your inventory directly from a brand’s website. This integration sends Locally your UPCs on hand. The data is transmitted securely, and Locally never shares your data with brands unless you specifically ask them to. If you have any questions about Locally please reach out to their support team at support@locally.com.

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Increase your profits

Putting your business online means more consumers. More consumers means more sales and more sales means enhanced reputation.

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Let customers see your brand like in a whole new way and reap the benefits when they become organic advocates of your products and services.

Your customer first

Empower your shoppers to buy what they want, when they want and with a wider selection to choose from than ever before.

Go global

When your business goes digital, your products and services are displayed in front of the whole world, increasing brand awareness.

Efficiently nimble

Truly modernize and streamline all your sales channels and worry less about human errors from those pesky data entry and inventory hiccups.

Enhanced e-commerce

Did you know putting your business online helps bring more shoppers to your retail store locations, where you can also drive traffic back to your online shop?

You can find the integration guide from our Wiki and from Locally

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