Shift: Eight important reasons why you should digitise your warehousing and logistics business

The WMS+API+EDI team digitises warehouse workflows, provides more modern tools to organise warehouse work, moves workers from PC and paper to a mobile workflow.

ERPLY WMS is designed to organise warehouse operations more efficiently and enables paperless warehouse management. It also helps to manage the complexities associated with using multiple databases simultaneously, while keeping warehouse costs under control.
WMS creates a more transparent workflow and ensures that all your warehouse operations are managed efficiently. Easily create or fulfill orders awaiting arrival, fulfillment or delivery.

Warehouse staff work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes. So you make more profit

A mobile WMS optimises and supports the warehousing process, the picking and storage of products goes faster. Productivity increases and you can work more cost-effectively.

Customers are satisfied as the number of errors is significantly reduced. The fully automated mobile solution is highly accurate.

The mobile WMS supports all standard warehouse functionalities, such as inbound and outbound movements of products, inter-warehouse movements, inventory and current stock information: purchase orders, sales orders, stock movements, stock returns, inventory, stock address tracking.

The logic for displaying warehouse addresses is solved across the different processes. Warehouse addresses are displayed in alphabetical order, with active addresses first. If there is no goods at the active address, the inactive address is displayed. Only the first address is displayed on the screen, to see the others you have to click on the warehouse address.

In a WMS using warehouse addresses, it is possible to receive goods, issue goods, move goods from one address to another, replenish stocks at a warehouse address and manage quantities at warehouse addresses.

Digital warehouse. Is the scheduling of goods issue still on the printed pick sheet? Do goods have paper packing slips and do you have to make an effort to find the right product for the right customer to receive the products? Does receiving your goods mean drawing circles and stripes on the purchase order?
Let us help you bring new ways of working simply to you! A digital store is a leap forward for your business, appreciated by your employees and praised by your customers.

API Interface, Logistics EDI and Customer Environment are new needs that you need to start thinking about supporting now. Only the best platforms will enable you to create customer stores, provide them with e-commerce interfaces and support the Logistics EDI protocol. Through the deployment of WMS and the ERPLY platform, you can implement all of the above solutions and make your warehouse visible to the customer, both programmatically and through API interfaces. You are therefore competitive and efficient.

No need to worry about scanner hardware! You can start with a regular smartphone!
ERPLY offers a variety of devices to test in the warehouse, and the warehouse team can choose the most convenient ones. Whether it’s a tablet with a fingertip scanner, a pistol-type data terminal or a touchscreen device with a phone-sized scanner.

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