Special Price Event App

Special Price Event App is an application in ERPLY Back Office that gives a possibility to combine discounts and promotions with a fixed period of time under one Event. Events can be created for different regions or copied from one region to another.

Each Event uses an event code, fixed period of time and event type. Event has a free notes field to describe the promotion. Products can be added with a regular price, sale price, cost, margin, forecast quantity, subsidy and product location in promotion booklet. Discounts can be set to be valid for all or certain customer groups and for a whole Event period or for a range of days within the set period.

Creating an Event with Special Price Event App:

Special Price Event can contain as many discounts and promotions as needed.

Special promotions are available in three variations:

Creating and confirming the Event creates new price lists and promotions valid for an Event period in ERPLY Back Office.

Event can be copied from one region to another using the same Event code. This way all the products and promotions are copied from original Event. Special Price Event App uses price based copying. For example: In Region 1 product 1 has a Regular price 9.99$, Event Sales price has been set to 8.99$. In Region 2 product 1 Regular price is 10.99$. In this case applying the same event rules the Sales price for product 1 in Region 2 will be 9.99$ (-1.00$).

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