Point of Sale APP for Surface Tablet and Windows 8

The first business application for Microsoft TABLET

With all the recent buzz surrounding Microsoft releasing its new Surface Tablet, ERPLY, the leading cloud-based point of sale provider has revealed their newest POS version for the Windows 8 and Mango Tablet-platform.  Its new user interface is optimized for Tablet touch screen usage, and it’s especially awesome when used in store as POS.  While millions will line up for the newest tablet, they can now also run their stores on it.

The ERPLY software supports virtually all external peripherals.  This provides an easier adaption while allowing store-owners to use credit card readers, barcode scanners and printers on the tablet.

Surface Tablet POS Payment Window

ERPLY’s CEO Kristjan Hiiemaa commented that “Over 86% of retail companies are currently running Windows as OS for point of sale. It’s of great interest to establish a tablet solution that can compete with the likes of the iPad in the retail world.”

With businesses moving towards Cloud POS technology, ERPLY (erply.com) sets itself apart with its unique ability to operate both online and offline at the POS register and giving full-featured retail management back office functions.  The platform allows business owners to reap all the benefits of cloud-based technology, without being dependent on internet connection.  Other ERPLY platforms include iPad POS, Android, and browser-based POS.

ERPLY has been growing rapidly since its establishment in the U.S. market, reaching the 50,000 STORE mark this week and processing over $3B in transactions this year.

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