Erply Squares Off in Mobile Payments Space

Erply, which offers a cloud-based retail inventory management system, is now coming out with a credit-card reader for the iPad and the iPhone.
Erply credit-card reader

Erply credit-card reader.

Erply, a company that specializes in retail management software, is introducing a new mobile credit card reader that will face off directly against existing readers such as those made by Square and Verifone, and indirectly against mobile payment systems such as Google Wallet.

The device, unveiled today, will transmit a customer’s encrypted credit card data to process payments, and it is designed to connect to an iPad when it launches and will work with the iPhone within the next three months. Priced at $50, with a 1.9 percent per-transaction fee, the Erply credit card reader can also be used for near field communications (NFC) payment options, which are just coming to market.

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