Erply Report Generator

ERPLY is proud to announce new cutting edge feature:  Report Generator.

In addition to the plethora of out-of-box standard reports available in ERPLY, this powerful tool allows users to create custom reports to be utilized at any time.

Through experience, we have realized that every business has its own unique needs, which can in-turn create unique reporting needs.

ERPLY customers can now shape and mold reports based on unique needs! Here is a little bit on how this new, powerful feature works:

Users can now find “Report Generator” tab under reports module:

Reports menu

You can create new reports and group them by name:

Create Report Groups


Once created, set parameters of the report:

Setting Report parameters


Setting Reports Parameters 2


Once created can pull this report at anytime, all of which exportable to Excel:

Export Reports to Excel


For more information on how to utilize REPORT GENERATOR feel free to contact us:

Phone: 917-210-1251




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