ERPLY Windows Cloud POS now supporting Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

During the past years of rapid development, ERPLY focused most of its time on the needs of retailers and service providers. Due to the growing demand for restaurant features, we are more than happy to announce that our software can now add value to barkeepers, cafe owners, and restaurateurs! You can utilize ERPLY’s innovative solution in all industries! The most important developments that we have included are:

Kitchen order printing
With the new kitchen-label printing ability, the waiter can now take orders via iPad(for example) and have the order printed out in the kitchen instantly. This brings a more efficient way to communicate between the cashiers and the cooks! With this feature, the cook can start preparing meals for customers faster and smoother!

This is how a printed kitchen label will look with notes added:

Splitting the bill
When you’re out with a group of friends, splitting a bill may be the best idea! With the new super-easy split sale function, you can now split a bill multiple ways for both cash and credit card payments. Give your customers more payment flexibility!

To split a bill, just select the “Split sale” button:

One order can easily be split in multiple ways:

Having open tabs and multiple bills
We know how busy your bar, restaurant or cafe can get! With ERPLY’s open account feature, you can open multiple tabs or keep track of multiple bills on separate tables. Now you can take orders, organize multiple bills and even print them simultaneously!

To save a sale for later processing, click “Save sale”. For later processing, use the “Unfinished sales” button.

Try the newly updated Windows POS system now and stay up to speed with the latest technology. Run your business smoothly online/offline and see why over 20,000 businesses choose ERPLY! 

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