Take Advantage! Amazon Is In Australia


Amazon is a giant that entered the Australian market, and there are lots of predictions about its possible effects on the local retailers. Without any doubt, Amazon’s entrance into the market will create many effects that can be both negative and positive. But don’t worry, because there are many things you can do to prepare your business!


A Must! Sell On Amazon

One of the biggest pros of Amazon’s presence will be improving e-commerce in Australia. The customer behaviours will shift more and more to e-commerce and local retailers have to take advantage of this situation. By starting to sell on Amazon, you will increase your customer revenue very quickly. Your presence on this platform will also boost your brand’s visibility.

Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) makes this easier for retailers.With FBA, you can store your products in Amazon’s fulfilment centres. When a sale of your product happens, Amazon will be in charge of picking, packing and shipping. This system creates advantages for shipping too. Amazon ships your goods faster and at a cheaper rate, which would cost you more. Therefore, you will be reaching more consumers without a shipping barrier.

And remember, Australians are already shopping on Amazon! So now, it is time for you to meet them.


Improve Your Return Policy

Think and analyse. Is your return policy easy enough for the consumers? Or do you think they feel worried when they buy a product? The return policy of Amazon is very convenient for the consumers. If they have a problem with the “seller”, Amazon always takes care of that and consumers know that very well. The consumer habits will evolve with Amazon and their expectations will rise in time too. People will expect you to provide a better and easier return policy because that’s how they started shopping with Amazon!


Do Content Marketing

Amazon is an e-commerce giant and most of their advertisements on the digital media is for getting “clicks” to their website. There are millions of retailers selling on this platform and when consumers shop on Amazon, they always have to check “who is selling” first. The reason behind that is, some retailers on Amazon can create problems for the consumers. That is why the comments and points of the sellers are a barometer for the consumers. However, Amazon always takes care of the customer’s issues, nobody likes to encounter with a problem in the first place.

On the other hand, you are not an e-commerce giant, you are an Australian retailer and there is your advantage. People know what you are selling and they also know there is a psychical address they can always come back to. This fact only is enough to provide an advantage for you over millions of retailers on Amazon.

Show people why they should choose you and do that by creating an engagement between them and your brand! You might not win the “price war” with Amazon but consumers also tend to shop from brands they know, even though there is a cheaper option available. So what are your values? Give clear reasons to people to chose you and advertise this in the digital media. Create campaigns that people can’t find on Amazon, and be creative.


Don’t Go On A “Sale” Competition

Experts from around the world keep saying the same thing every time when Amazon is planning to launch in a new country. Rather you are a big retail chain or a small local business, going into a “sales” war with Amazon can harm your business. Amazon almost has “unlimited” stocks and their ability to bring the prices down is powerful. Don’t try to compete with Amazon on the same level because your resources are not the same.

You can try to re-consider your expenses for possible sales. Check your vendors to see if you can lower the price of your goods. While re-considering your expenses, you might find elements that you can cut and provide a better price for your customers.



Nothing can beat the in-store direct interaction with the customers. When people visit your physical store, it is important that they will be welcomed in a very nice way and be able to get help when they need.

In this case, your employees are playing a big role in your success too. Your employees are the face of your brand. They are the first (and sometimes the only) person a customer interacts with. Smiling sales representatives and taking care of customers’ needs quickly are essential.

You can prepare training for your employees to increase your customer engagement in-store. If you think they lack the experience, train them in topics such as customer satisfaction and customer engagement. At the same time, if you want to improve your business in the presence of Amazon, you need the motivation and help of your employees. So try to keep them happy too!

A big change is always concerning and in this case, Amazon’s presence will be a very big chance! But on the other hand, there are many positive things we can focus on as retailers. Take advantage of those and you don’t need to worry about the “negative” effects of this change in the market.

Customer retention tools can help you to increase your engagement with the customers by creating “engagement” programmes such as coupons, gift cards etc. Erply’s built-in features allow you to transform your Retail POS into a powerful customer retention tool and attract new customers. Also, you can improve your repeat sales and loyalty by providing a quality customer service across all your retail channels.


Get Ready Your Retail Software for Omnichannel and E-commerce

Having a retail software that is ready for omnichannel retail is very critical before you introduce your brand to Amazon. Omni-channel retail means that you can trade in multiple locations, online and web sales channels at the same time. Therefore, this means that you have to deal with more merchandise and variety of prices. The prices must be easily adjustable to supply levels and supplier/manufacturer prices.

Erply’s Point of Centralized Price List Management allows you to adjust your prices easily by giving you the option to switch the prices off and on for re-use and set prices per customers or products. On the other hand, Product Information Management allows you to create consistent product descriptions, prices, labels, barcodes in-store, for e-commerce and in warehouses.

Erply also allows you to sell both online and offline and makes the product management and inventory replenishment easier by completing this operation in one place. You can receive orders from many different channels and keep your inventory in sync across all channels.


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