The Athletes Foot Grows with ERPLY

erply-taf-the-athlethes-foot-australiaPart of our company’s mission is based on the idea that knowing where your inventory is, and what it is doing can help any business improve its bottom line. Yet, sometimes its nice to see your hard work in print.  Thanks to the Athlete’s Foot and their work, we can proudly state that we’ve helped another company get their inventory and sales in line,  thus helping to optimize their productivity and improve their sales, efficiency, and in turn, their profits.

Along with a successful ERPLY roll-out at over 100 locations, The Athletes Foot cites impressive new fit-finding technology, new partnership options, and a new way to keep in touch with their customers.  

ERPLY is proud to congratulate The Athletes Foot on their successes and is happy to be a part of it.  We’re proud of all the growth ERPLY companies to accomplish. Check out more about it here at InsideRetail. Great work!

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