The Customer Display App:

The Checkout, But Not As We Know It!

Erply’s Customer Display Application has the power to turn any Internet-connected tablet or computer into a method allowing customers to view their cart, tip cashiers, and even sign-off on credit card purchases. The basic set up is as easy as logging into our customer display webpage, entering your ERPLY credentials and assigning a register.



Why Use the Customer Display?

The Customer Display is updated in real-time, right in front of the customer, helping them keep track of their purchases at the checkout, and when a promotion or discount is added to their purchase, they’ll see the deduction happen live! If you’re open to tipping, a pin-pad will be presented to the customer, allowing them to put in their tip at their discretion.

But the customer can see more than just sales! With Erply’s Custom Panel Source located in the POS Configuration, enterprises are able to add a custom logo and personalized message, which will be prominently displayed in front of the register.

Is it Easy to Set Up?

In a word, yes! You can use a tablet, phone or even old monitor as a Customer Display. Setting up can be achieved in these three easy steps.

  1. In the web browser of the display device, go to
  2. Log in with your ERPLY credentials and the associated POS number.*
  3. Add items to the cart to test the connection, then you’re ready to get selling!

*Not sure of the POS number? This can be found in the ERPLY Back Office under Retail Chain -> Registers. Each register has a unique number.

How Can I Customize the Display?

A bit stuck? No worries. The Custom Panel Source supports basic HTML coding for images and text. Below is an example code with which you can add your personalized message and logo.

Not confident using HTML? If your company logo is set up to appear on invoices, it will also be shown on the Display.

You can find @Erply_Australia on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn! Need some help? Send an email over to our Technical Support Team ( with your questions or suggestions, or check

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