The Greatest Marketing Tool: Storytelling!

Telling stories is an essential part of advertising. It is a tool for creating emotions in your target groups, which gives your customers a sense of engagement and a better understanding of your values. Stories can be told by various means through various media to introduce your brand in different ways.

A story can be presented in multiple forms, such as video, photo or written blog content. The most essential factor is to create relatable content. It is must easier for consumers to internalize information presented in a form of a story rather than dry facts. However, there is always the best way of telling a specific story. Below, you fill find some pointers on making storytelling a success.

Key Components of Every Story

The 5 key components of a story ensure you with success at the outset. If all the factors have been considered, you will be able to communicate your ideas without leaving any loose ends for the customer.

An introduction gives the gist of the story and enables the readers to decide, whether the information to continue is relevant to them. However, even if the content is relevant to cater to the audience’s needs, they need to be attracted to keep reading and not seek out the same information elsewhere. The first component of telling a good story is setting the scene. In that stage, you introduce the circumstances and communicate the main idea in a catchy title.

When you already have readers’ attention, try to maintain their curiosity. Curious or relevant facts tend to make us want to go on reading. This can be achieved by dropping exciting hints about what is going to follow further in the text. The technique should be employed in both the body of your story, as well as in the titles.

Readers create links between your story and their own lives through strong characters. It would be helpful to convey the problem your brand is designed to solve by creating a character in need the customers can relate to. They will be interested to see, whether that person overcomes their problem. In case of a video advertisement, real people working at a workplace are much more relatable than actors and allow viewers to sympathize with your story. Consider, whether your characters feel like real people with real problems.

Can you make people discuss your story? Initiating a discussion increases public interest in your story. Readers may forget the details of your campaign, but will never forget how it made them feel. To spark discussion, readers need to have strong feelings about it. When they do, different social media channels will provide the platform for their conversation.

Finally, the fifth essential component of storytelling is presenting a conflict. In general, conflicts are prevented, but they are present in any story. It just means establishing an issue and finding a solution. Whatever the form in which you present your story, be it an article or a video, always include the problem and go on to offer solutions. The product or service you are advertising is designed to resolve the issue presented in the story.

When you make your case in story form, it is easier to attract the attention of your target group. Telling a relatable story in a form your audience finds interesting is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Be sure to use these five components in your next storytelling campaign!

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