The Main Online ERP Providers for Small and Medium Businesses

Top 5 ERP software on NoobpreneurIf you’re new to the exciting world of running your own business, you might find it a challenge just to tackle the everyday things. It’s understandable; running a company – even if it’s just a few people – means spending considerable time for what sometimes seems trivial.

Say, for example, you have a shop selling gifts and small decorative items you either resell from suppliers or that make yourself from materials you buy. This could be just a simple one-man shop but we’re already talking about tracking products, materials and two types of suppliers while at the same time there are your customers and their orders, of course, your collaborators, your accounting and so on. And that’s all assuming everything is under the same roof – not always the case if you have a warehouse or a shop in another city.

You could try to keep track of everything using pen and paper or a spreadsheet or a combination of the two but ultimately you’ll find that that system doesn’t scale. You have to be professional about it and get yourself a proper solution.

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