The Vital Tool for Retail

ERPLY's Cloud-Hybrid POS system is a retail innovation

This centralized system offers retailers full inventory control, employee and data management, and a powerful front-end point of sale. Have full access across all your store locations, warehouses and webshops.
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Hybrid Technology

Run your POS system both online and offline. System can be independent from web access and data is auto-synced upon re-connection.

Inventory Control

Using FIFO methodology, you can now manage your store's inventory with intelligence. Buy, sell, write-off or transfer products easily with ERPLY.

In-depth Reporting

Track profit margins, sales progress and make product comparisons. Properly analyze your store's data to run your business efficiently.

Employee Management

Time clock, commission structures and employee reporting makes life easier. Managing payroll is now a simpletask!

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are no longer a pain! Set re-order points & re-stock levels for goods and generate purchase orders to multiple suppliers with just 1-click!


Ship products via UPS and FedEx. Generate pricing for various shipping methods and even create packaging labels right at your register!

Integrated Payments

PCI compliant solution provides you with x- reports by card type, electronic signature capture and even mobile swiping.


Travel and sell in fashion! Being cloud at its core, ERPLY allows you to sell products and access all of your business data on any device with web access. Secure card swiping for iPad is also available!

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