They Chose Erply: Shaver Shop

About Shaver Shop

Shaver Shop is an Australian specialty retailer of male and female personal grooming products, aiming to offer its customers the best products and advice at the lowest possible price. 30 years of retail industry experience makes Shaver Shop an expert in its field.

Why Did They Choose Erply?

  • Multi-location and franchise management.
  • Freedom of mobility with POS accessible on a tablet computer.
  • Integrated printing and payment options.
  • Quick and efficient integration process.
  • A cloud-based solution that makes it easy to manage many aspects of a business in one central location.

Decision Process

Shaver Shop was looking for a POS system that could support its growth plans, without limitations. It also needed a POS system that could help them to manage both its franchisee and company-owned stores at the same time. In addition, Shave Shop wanted a POS that could be accessed on tablet computers, with integrated payment and printing solutions.

Results and implementation

Besides using Erply POS for sales, Shaver Shop employs Erply Backend for its purchasing, merchandise planning, transfers, stock-taking, and reporting. Most of its stores use Windows Surface Pro tablet computers to run Erply POS. Since working together with Erply, the Shaver Shop business has grown in size from 70 to 100 stores, including locations in New Zealand.

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