Third Party Quickbooks Connector

We’re always proud of our Open API here at ERPLY, but never more so than when someone integrates their product with ours, making life better for everyone.  Today, we highlight just such a moment.  Have you done this? Let us know!

For a while now ERPLY has had an export/import process with Quickbooks that allows you to create high-level journal entries for your sales within Quickbooks in a semi-automated fashion.  We’ve found it to be largely sufficient, though not as excellent as say, our integrated accounting program ERPLY Accounting.  

We know, however, that some of you love Quickbooks and that you’re not looking to move away from them, or us, and would love a better solution.  Stepping up to provide that solution is JMA Web Technologies’ Cloud Cart Connector. These guys have gone ahead and created a connector that will work with QuickBooks Online or their desktop version, and lets you set up scheduled sync times, customer and product mapping, as well as sales tax support in US and Canada. 

With only a few steps to set up this account, it looks like this could be a great way to improve your ERPLY/QB processes.  This isn’t an ERPLY product, so we can’t help you with it, but let us know how you like it! Our friends at JMA Web Tech, on the other hand, can help you out with this process.  

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