Three Days of Magic in Erply’s Free Candy Shop

To introduce the new self-service POS and mPOS, Erply opened a free candy shop at its stand in the NRF expo in New York from 13 to 15 January.

Our booth (on the right side) was so bright, beautiful and inviting!

Many people thought Erply was actually a candy shop and not a POS company before we got to explain to them.

People took pictures – and candy! A lot of people commented that candy was a great idea. After walking around the show floor all day, they appreciated the boost of energy.
“This is the world’s sweetest POS!”
“Your booth is so bright, it really stands out from the rest of the show!”
“This is the most exciting booth I’ve seen so far!”
“Pink! What a great idea!”
“Wow, you guys didn’t even buy that cheap fake candy – you got the good stuff!”

We don’t have an exact number of how many candies were eaten, but we had at least 300 people come and take candy! (We must reveal that peanut M&M’s were definitely our bestseller.)

And last, but not least. So many people were interested in our homemade pink wooden kiosk (made by our hardware specialist Erik!). It received so many compliments.

Our sweet Candy Shop has been a great experience, and we are incredibly thankful to every visitor of our booth. Big thanks to all of you, and see you at NRF 2020.

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