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Do You Want to Grow Your Company Bigger? Then Use Franchising

23 minute read

TOP 10 Biggest Franchisers in the World

More than 200 different franchising industries have been specified in USA, from pizza and burger kiosks to cleaning up dog poop. Which chains have managed to grow the biggest?


Biggest franchisers in the world

Rank Company Industry Average overall investment (mil USD) Franchises in the world
1 7-eleven commerce 0.031 – 0.61 56,439
2 Subway fast food 0.085 – 0.26 44,489
3 McDonald’s fast food, restaurant 1.07 – 1.89 36,368
4 Kumon children’s education 25,386
5 KFC fast food, restaurant 19,420
6 Pizza Hut fast food, restaurant 0.29 – 2.15 15,605
7 Groupe Casino reatail 14,574
8 Burger King fast food, restaurant 14,372
9 Carrefour retail 11,910
10 Domino’s fast food, restaurant 11,629

Source: Daley 2012: 84-95. Franchise Direct 2016