Do You Want to Grow Your Company Bigger? Then Use Franchising

23 minute read

3. Who is interested in my business anyway?

Some businesses just seem attractive and appetizing. For example, Edible, that makes edible flower baskets from apples, pineapples, strawberries and chocolate. Meanwhile, picking dog feces from the dog owner’s lawn doesn’t seem like a particularly attractive business at first. At least that’s what Jacob D’Aniello, thought in 1999 when he heard a dog poop cleaner praise their job on a radio show. Jacob was about to change the channel, as he started to wonder: But why not? This sounds like a plan.

When he told about his plan later in the evening at home, his girlfriend thought he had lost his mind. But upon hearing him out she was on board, and the two of them founded the company DoodyCalls. As of 2018, a seemingly unattractive business has expanded into 57 locations in 23 states in the USA though franchising.

Sure, it is good if a future franchisee comes and asks for cooperation, but usually one has to market their own franchise offer themselves. That is why your business idea has to be sellable. It has to really stand apart from the competitors, and your competitive edge needs to pop out. What is the unique selling proposition that separates you from the other franchise offerors (in the same field)? It is not always easy to find the answer, but a good idea is worth looking for during work.

Credibility is also crucial. A future franchisee might be sinking all their savings, or mortgaging their home for a loan for the business. That is why it is very important to present your company’s credibility: It might be respected community members who are involved in your company; rewards and acknowledgements; charity projects; praising articles in newspapers; client feedback…