Use Case: Erply Netsuite ERP Integration

Your ERP and POS should be a dynamic duo, but it’s hard to find (and switch to) a cloud-based system that can accommodate your existing business processes.

Erply was built with flexibility and scalability in mind. Our POS integrates with your ERP to unify your front and back offices. Powerful retail tools including an advanced CRM, full-business data analytics, and mobile POS functionality keep your business ahead of the curve.


Use case: Erply ERP integration

The customer’s ERP setup

CounterPoint POS with a Netsuite ERP.


What was the issue with their setup?

The customer’s ERP and POS did not connect automatically, which meant:

  • Daily import files lead to unnecessary manual labor.
  • Human error occurred in the form of duplicate data and incorrect information.
  • Store managers wasted hours on clunky business processes.

The client also wanted the ability to go mobile, but was unable to due to their rigid POS setup.


How Erply solved the overarching issue

Our robust API and integration tools allowed us to connect Erply POS with the customer’s Netsuite ERP. This cloud-based connection allows data to flow seamlessly between the two systems. 


Extra development to fine-tune the solution

We also integrated an e-commerce solution to the new setup that streamlined the customer’s inventory process.

Product catalog updates pushed immediately to the POS and the website any time a sale was made, meaning inventory entries remained consistent across their entire ERP/POS setup without any extra manual work.


Training and data transfers for a smooth transition

Netsuite’s data fields were mapped to fit Erply’s format, allowing data to automatically transfer over from the ERP to the POS over the API.

All staff were trained according to user-group, which ensured they knew how to use Erply in accordance to their day-to-day responsibilities. Training starts with admins and trickles all the way down to end-users. 


End result

The customer’s ERP, POS, and e-commerce were seamlessly integrated into one solution, creating a streamlined workflow across all 3 systems. They now have the flexibility of going mobile with a cloud-based POS, and all of the advantages that come with it.

A fully integrated system eliminated the need for manual HQ-to-manager data transfers, resulting in a huge drop in human error. Reduced manual work gave managers more time to focus on running their stores.


Support for current solution and existing peripherals 

Erply supports all legacy hardware, making the barrier of entry low and ensuring a smooth transition process. Technical support is available 7 days a week for users across all levels of the business. 

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