What Is Expected from the New Generation of Software as a Service Providers

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Technology is developing at high-speed. You may not realize it on a daily basis but when looking back we can see how dramatically the market for software products and services has changed in a few years.

As software advances the requirements of users also increase. A solution that recently was considered perfect might be out of date by now or the client has just outgrown it.

If the software requires only a new functionality, then the problem can be easily solved – customers can order necessary developments from the software service provider.

But when the whole solution is out of date and no longer meets the present demands the situation is much more complicated. Web-based software-as-a-service or SaaS solutions are increasingly replacing desktop POS software and also client-server systems.

It is very difficult for a software company to update old software to a web-based software. In many cases, it means that the development must be done from scratch. As the software platform has to be entirely replaced anyway the client is looking for new and fresh solutions

Constantly Developing Software

The constant development is almost mandatory for modern software. In addition to web-based services, it has been popularized by the invasion of smartphones and tablets. The desires and habits of the clients are gradually changing and they do not wish to buy boxed products anymore, but instead, they need a service that keeps up with them in time and develops.

SaaS ERP software has already been architecturally created in a way that software updates remain hidden from the client. In the morning after logging in you will notice a new function as the software brings it to your attention and afterward you are given step-by-step instructions that will guide you through it.

Some frequently used operations become more user-friendly or the visual appearance has been modified in order to make the most important information even more visible.

All this is provided by the SaaS service provider’s large server park and professional team where software developers are working hand in hand with system administrators so that they can offer the best service quality. Previously a special solution was ordered from the programmers, which was then developed, installed on the client’s server and after that forgotten and no interest was shown towards its further well-being.

But the SaaS-software team, however, knows the service they provide in detail and monitors how it is used and where bottlenecks occur.



Software updates are thus carefully planned and take client needs into account.

In order to provide service to thousands or even to millions of users the updates have passed a careful quality control and are being implemented in stages. That allows observing whether the changes have met the needs of a client and result in improved client contentment.

Web-based ERP software provider can quickly solve all the client’s potential problems or adapt easily to the business environment changes (changes in VAT %, the introduction of euro, sales tax in NYC). It is natural that every company has a different job management and everyone has their own way of using the business software. When a client happens to have some trouble with the specific workflow of a company the necessary adjustments are made in a day or two and the work goes on smoothly.


Focus Is on Clients

SaaS software and cloud technologies cannot be mixed. There is a big difference whether the service is free or not. When the users do not provide an income for the developer then two different objectives have to be kept in mind at the same time. The developer has to advance the service and also find ways to finance it. It is not an easy task and many services like this have disappeared for good.

But when a software service is not free of charge then the clients are the most important for the service provider and the entire attention is directed to serving them. This service provider is professional and offers customer support to users. So client’s wishes reach the development team and this guarantees the improvement of the service for all the users.

We as a software service provider know that it is very crucial to identify those development wishes and needs for improvement that will meet the needs of a large number of users. The more important the update is, the more we need to invest in the user-friendliness and thoroughness of the function and this, in turn, will bring along customer satisfaction in the future.

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