Why an iPad POS?

Have you tried the iPad POS system? This system makes your company more technology friendly and gives your customers just another positive thing to remember about you. Customers like to interact with good technology, and the iPad is that, co-opt their brand to improve yours as well.


Keep it simple

Even one register setup as an iPad may produce results. This allows you to have floating registers, or to quickly and easily expand your capacity on big sale days. Some distinct advantages to an iPad based system are

  • Cost savings per register
  • iPad POS systems are powerful customer service tools
  • Streamline the sales process
  • Employee training is fast and minimal
  • Environmentally friendly – email receipts, and store signatures electronically!

erply-blutooth_scanner_receipt_printer_cash_drawer Or erply_receipt_printer_cash_drawer
Better equipping your business leads to happier, more effective staff. Adding an iPad register to the ERPLY ecosystem is seamless, and has a very low cost of entry.

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