10 Reasons why we are the best at what we do!

Faster, Easy Implementation

Installing a new POS system usually means a difficult learning process, installation costs and hours on the phone with customer support. That is no longer the case! ERPLY is a hosted software. This means that all of the software is supported and maintained by our certified engineers. There is virtually no set-up on your end and we provide full training for you and your staff!

Less Money Spent on Point of Sale hardware

With ERPLY, hardware requirements are nil because all data processing is completed by us on our safe & secure server’s and not your store workstation. Moreover, if you already own a computer you may not need to replace it, which means cost savings.
Money (as well as piece of mind) will also be saved because there is no need to pay for backup software, backup drives, or even a physical server!

Maintenance and worry free. Full integration

With most POS computer systems you are required to pay for the package, hardware and software, up front, which can put tremendous financial strain on a new business, or become a reoccurring expense for established business. After all you want to make sure that you’re staying ahead of the competition with the newest, most efficient software version out right?
With ERPLY hybrid point of sale, costs are based solely on monthly residual. Included in this fee is everything you need to install and operate your POS system.  Software updates, maintenance, and technical support. Take the “X” factor out of your technical costs, constantly be upgraded to the newest version, and never pay more than your monthly fee.

Polling? – Thing of the past

ERPLY Hybrid POS eliminates the task of polling. Whether you have 1 store or 100’s of stores, real time information is readily available. In addition you can access your sales figures, customer information, inventory, reports, as well as any other information needed, from anywhere at any time, only requirement is a browser and internet access.

Improved Inventory Control

Have multiple stores? Manage all inventory centrally! Transfer items between locations, and stop over or under buying! Erply allows you to have access to on-hand, in-transit, and on-order items. This instant access to information means that store owners are able to control inventories for all stores from one location and they can control them much closer.
Real-time inventory tracking eliminates the potential to over or under order products. Purchase orders can be produced and deliveries arranged at one location, for all stores.

More efficient in store Operations and Customer Service

Information about purchases at other stores allows streamlined return and exchange process’s at any location and makes for more efficient in-store operations, which can directly result in more satisfied customers due to speedier transactions. Gift Cards, which could be a confusing task when dealing with multi store operations, now become easy to use at any location, with easily tracked information.
Real time tracking also has a key customer service advantage over traditional POS systems. Gift cards, returns and exchanges can all be handled at any store location. ERPLY already has their information available at all stores due to its centralized database

Increase Sales with plentiful information

ERPLY software gives sales associates instant access to customer information at other stores. This awareness enables sales associates to provide exceptional customer service as well as ad that personal experience that many retailers lack. This in turn opens the door for more cross selling opportunities.

No IT costs

Leave all IT leg work up to us. No longer is there need for backing up data, upgrading software, or configuring new Point of sale registers. This not only saves you potential headaches, it frees up your most valuable resource, time.

Mobile Access

Because of its cloud-based core, ERPLY POS allows you and your colleagues to access company information from anywhere internet connection can be established. This means access to your sales data, updating pricing, or any other administrative functionality you can imagine, anywhere, at any time.
Cloud Computing
Our cloud-based system is as mobile as you. Have a complete real-time access to all your crucial business data on the go from any device with an Internet connection. Internet is down? Don’t worry – your sales information syncs on the next connection.

Eliminate OS compatibility issues

Can’t choose between Mac or PC? With ERPLY hybrid software the choice is yours. ERPLY software gives you and your business more flexibility because it allows you to use almost any type of computer. Web browser access is our only requirement!