WO Design – USA Made Dog Toys Helping Orphaned Children in Ethiopia

Our friends at WO Design (pronounced “whoa”) in Montana are working on a great new project that is fun for your dog and helps the world.




The WO|Disc is a new dog toy that has a creative design, texture, and is made from 100% recyclable and BPA free material. If that doesn’t sound great, it gets even better. Each WO|Disc sold will provide two meals for orphaned children in Ethiopia. In the autumn of 2012, WO Design founder Josh Allen went on a service trip to the Horn of Africa with a desire to help those who need it. While he was there he saw widowed wives, orphaned children, and empty stomachs. When he arrived home, his yearning to help hadn’t faded. Each product purchased will help a widow or an orphan in a developing country.




WO Design wants more pet owners to think globally, and what better way than by making their dog happy? Each WO product is designed, produced and packaged in Bozeman, Montana. That means each and every purchase not only creates positive change globally, it also provides local jobs in the United States.

“You can help create tangible change globally,” states WO Design founder Josh Allen, “By partnering with WO Design to buy a USA-made dog toy for your favorite furry companion and, as a result, feed orphaned children.”

The WO|Disc was designed with every type of dog in mind. At 8” in diameter, it’s comfortable for a dog of any size. It has the signature WO “divots & bumps” that made the WO|Bone (the original dog toy from WO) a favorite for canines. It can be flown for dogs to chase down and retrieve. For dogs that aren’t into frisbees or retrieving, the WO|Disc functions to engage dogs in a game of tug. Its pliable material allows your dog to pick it up from flat surfaces with ease and will not hurt or damage their soft mouth.




WO Design made a splash in the pet toy market with the WO|Bone last fall. Through hard work and crowdsourcing funds, they were able to help over 5,000 orphans in need. The model was so successful, they’re doing it again! The WO|Disc is on track for release in late November, just in time for the holiday season. By backing their project, pet owners can get a WO|Disc as soon as they’re available. For those that can’t wait for November to come, the WO|Bone is available for purchase today.

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