Your Custom Touch with Actual Reports

There are piles of paperwork and documents you have to worry about as a business owner.  You have invoices, sales reports, brochures, quotes, and much more.  They all look similar (and boring), making it hard to differentiate and organize.  This is where ERPLY’s Actual Reports Designer steps in!

We’ve had this tool around for you for a while now, and many companies have been using it for shelf labels, item stickers, and occasionally even Customer Loyalty Cards. Check out how to use this tool in our Actual Reports guide.  Have you started using it yet?  If not, then now is a great time to start.

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Actual Reports Designer is a web-based designing tool for all of your customization needs.  Forget about using third-party template designing programs or mail merge!  With Actual Reports Designer, you can design your own templates, alter existing templates, drag and drop logos and add custom content.  Check out how simple it is to customize your customer invoices and internal documents!


Once you’ve set up your template, you can apply it to all your ERPLY data.  No more export/import dance between programs. Just select your data and your template, and you’re ready to go.

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Your Actual Reports Designer can also be used for brochures, invoices, purchase orders!


We’ve added Layout Logic Algorithm (LLA) to touch up any design or formatting issues.  In other words, all of your unique designs will be pixel perfect with your layout.  Keep an eye out for the ERPLY 2014 Update 1 rollout, where Actual Reports gets more improvements, and the ability to handle more documents, with less fuss.

Check out Actual Reports Designer today and start building your custom material. Our team is here to answer any questions!

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