EMV Ready!

Erply is EMV ready! Can your provider say the same?

With the October 1st deadline looming many POS providers are scrambling to keep up with the change in technology. Erply on the other hand, is ahead of the competition and already accepting EMV enabled payments. If you’re unfamiliar with EMV or just need some more information you can read our latest blog post which covers the ins and outs on EMV.


ERPLY is fully prepared to accept EMV payments via our partnerships with CayanElement Payment Services, Verifone Point, and Mercury. There are multiple hardware options available with more on the way. For a closer look at hardware options and step by step setup instructions visit our EMV Payments page.


Whether you’re an existing customer looking to transition or a new client looking to upgrade your technology, ERPLY has you covered. With new devices bringing NFC payments including Apple Pay on the horizon, ERPLY is the most reliable option for EMV.

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