How Erply’s CRM Can Kick Your Business Into High Gear

Let’s face it: customers are the lifeblood of any retail company. Without them, you would have empty pockets and a failing business.

Since customers are so critical to business success, you need to focus a large amount of effort on growing and managing your customer base as efficiently as possible. What’s more, you need to do so without sacrificing customer service quality.

There is no better way to manage your customers than by investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

If you already have a steady base of current customers, then a CRM makes it easy to strengthen existing customer relationships and bring your customer loyalty to a new level.

On the other hand, if your business is experiencing explosive growth, a CRM helps you easily keep track of all of your new customers. It also serves as an invaluable tool to draw them back in for repeat business.

Most CRM systems out there can get the job done. But if you’re looking to go above and beyond the traditional CRM software, Erply’s CRM is exactly what you’re looking for.

Our CRM system is loaded with features that will streamline your CRM efforts, such as:

  • Create and manage detailed customer profiles right from the POS or the back office.
  • Customize loyalty programs that will make your customers choose YOU as their preferred supplier.
  • Group customers based on a variety of metrics for effective marketing and sales.

Now, let’s break down what you can do with each feature and how they’ll make you serious money.

Customer Information

The main purpose of a CRM is to keep track of each and every customer.

Different businesses will require different types of customer information in order to create the best shopping experience. A clothing store might collect more customer demographic information than a bakery, for example.

Any CRM worth its salt is able to store a large variety of information about each customer without the overloading business-owners using the software.

We know that you need to collect and manage customer information without disrupting your everyday business processes. That’s why we created an intuitive, fully customizable software that scales with your business.

Effective Customer Engagement

Erply’s CRM system is extremely flexible. Anyone, whether it be yourself or one of your sales associates, can create a new customer in the CRM right from the POS. That way, your whole team is empowered to help your company build customer relationships.

All the customer information you could possibly need to start building relationships can be entered right into the system. Erply’s CRM also includes a notes field, so can add specific notes to a customer’s card and tailor their experience accordingly. Own a pet shop and know that a customer is a rescue dog owner? Easily build rapport by adding those details to Erply.

Do you serve businesses as customers? Our CRM was built with that in mind.

Erply CRM lets you record business-specific information in addition to standard customer information.

When your customers are entire businesses, they have a lot of money to spend and a lot of data to keep track of. This feature helps you manage those relationships without letting individual contacts within a business slip through the cracks.

Managing Customer Information in Erply

In an ideal world, you could have every new customer proactively entered in your CRM database. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Many customers are hesitant to share all of their data at once. Customers in a rush might not have time to give their full address and contact details at the register.

Erply’s CRM was designed to help you work around these complications.

Only have a customer’s name? That’s no problem. Once a customer profile is created in the POS, you can always add more detailed information at a later time. Encourage customers to share contact information by only offering email promotions.

Erply opens the doors to creativity, so there are no limits on how you grow and manage your CRM.

Keep customers coming back to your store

Loyalty Program

Customers love loyalty programs. To them, a loyalty program simply means discounted (or free!) items for doing what they normally do – shop at your store.

For you, however, it’s a great way to reinforce good customer behavior by rewarding them for their loyalty. Loyalty programs promise several benefits, including encouraging business from new customers, moving slow stock, or even upselling purchases.

Encourage Customers to Come Back

Erply’s loyalty programs tool is designed to target both new and existing customers.

When customers sign up for your loyalty program, you can tailor their experience to their shopping habits. Offer discounts based on purchase history, demographics, or virtually anything else. Tracking this information in your CRM helps you understand what loyalty promotions your customers respond best to.

Luckily, offering discounted items to your customers doesn’t mean that you lose out on profits. In fact, loyalty programs do the opposite! Did you know that it’s much more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep existing customers?

Our loyalty program tools will help you create great deals for your customers and even better deals for your business.

Fully Customizable Loyalty Programs

Every business is unique — let’s celebrate our differences. We made sure that our loyalty program is as customizable as possible.

With Erply, you have all the tools you need to create a loyalty program that’s right for your business. As your company and customer-base grows, your loyalty program can grow alongside them

Our CRM offers several loyalty program tools, including:

  • Viewing and editing customer point balances.
  • Choosing who can edit customer point balances.
  • Selecting eligible loyalty items.
  • Opting items out of the loyalty program.
  • Determining point values of certain purchases.

With our CRM, you can track your most valuable customers and offer them extra rewards. After all, they deserve something extra for being loyal to your business.

Customer Grouping

When you have a large volume of customers, simply storing their information doesn’t get the job done

Just as every business is different, the same holds true for your customers. Identifying similar customers can help boost your marketing and selling strategies for better long-term growth.

Our CRM tool helps you filter through and group customers so you never miss a business opportunity.

See Your Customer Differently

Aiming to make more sales and grow your business? Sure you are! Grouping your customers is an efficient way to hit both targets at once.

Even if you sell in a fairly narrow niche, your customers may have different interests and lifestyles that set them apart from one another. Keeping these differences in mind, you can identify why a customer (or group of customers) chooses to buy from your store as opposed to a competitor’s.

Our customer grouping feature helps you easily track the shopping behavior of each customer group.

There are almost limitless ways to group customers together. You can even create subgroups within your customer groups to further organize your CRM.

How a CRM helps you connect with your customers

Whether you choose to segment your customers by demographic information or purchasing habits, the customer grouping tool is designed to help you make more sales with less effort.

Customer groups also come in handy when you need to generate sales reports. For example, a clothing store that groups its customers by age will quickly notice that teenage boys buy different clothing than adult men. Although an obvious example, it points to the subtle buying trends that can be identified with customer grouping.

Boost Your Bottom Line With Reporting

Our CRM system comes with advanced reporting features so you can sell more effectively.

Let’s go back to the clothing store example. With Erply’s CRM reports, you might find that some of your customers are buying more graphic t-shirts and tighter jeans. Dive deeper and you might find that graphic t-shirts are more popular at specific store locations.

That data is extremely useful for segmenting customers into specific markets. From there, you can work on ways to connect with customers better based on their buying trends. Personalized marketing is key to bringing repeat customers back into your store.

Reporting and segmentation are also useful for your loyalty program. Use reports to identify your most loyal customers and create a special, elite-level loyalty tier just for them. Incur a small cost to shower them with rewards, and watch them come back again and again.

An Investment in Your Relationships

With a CRM system, efficient customer relationship management and solid business growth become easy. Take both your profits and your customer relationship to new heights with Erply’s CRM system.

Create detailed new profiles from the POS or back office and edit them at any time. Customize loyalty programs that entice your customers to spend more money at your store. Finally, group your customers and use our advanced reporting features to segment them better for more sales.

If you’re looking for a powerful investment that will save your team both time and money, check out our CRM system today!

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