iPad POS for Quick Serve – Tips to Better Your Business

Quick-serve – TIPS to better your business

Quick-serve restaurants are commonly thought of as a simple business model, however becoming a dominant player in this market can be tricky. With corporate chains popping up on every corner, here are a few tips to ensure your establishments spot in the local market share.

Retention, Retention, Retention

Customer retention is a vital piece to every business, however, for quick-serve, this is priority #1.  Typically this environment thrives on volume sales, not particularly high-ticket items. So how do you make sure your customers keep on coming back? This is best answered with another question “what is in it for them?”

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Because your customers will frequent your location it is important for them to feel noticed. Implementing a customer loyalty program is a great and easy way to achieve this. Reward your frequent shoppers with savings on repeat business, this does not have to be expensive for you but should give the customer a feeling of achievement. For example, a buy 5 get your 6th free program for a coffee shop can both inexpensive and rewarding.

Sales Promotion

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In ERPLY iPad POS you also have the ability to assign a point value to dollars spent, giving the flexibility to create a wide array of loyalty incentives for shoppers. Some may actually remember the Marlboro loyalty campaigns of the 1990s. These clever campaigns rewarded buyers with loyalty points for dollars spent. What Marlboro than did was distribute to shoppers booklets of different rewards to “buy” with these points. While this does not seem to be a groundbreaking concept, just think about how many people actually ran to the store for that extra pack of Marlboros solely for the fact that a few more points would allow them to get a sought-after reward- Now that is loyalty driven sales at its finest.

Rapid checkouts

Get em in, get em out. The general rule for quick-serve establishments is properly portrayed by the name; serve quick!  This is where making smart hardware decisions can benefit, utilizing touch screen POS registers can help speed up the checkout line during your busiest hours.  Categorize your items into product groups that are intuitive and easy to follow for sales clerks.

Another time-saver tip: Opt for email receipts. This allows you to do kill two birds with one stone: save time & paper printing out receipts + gives your shoppers incentive to provide contact information that you can later use for Marketing.

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