iPad POS system - a tablet point of sale for iPad

Have you tried the new iPad POS system?

This system makes your company more technology friendly, and gives your customers just another positive thing to remember about you. Customers like to interact with good technology, and the iPad is that, co-opt their brand to improve yours as well.

Even one register setup as an iPad may produce results. This allows you to have floating registers, or to quickly and easily expand your capacity on big sale days. Some distinct advantages to an iPad based system are

  • Cost savings per register
  • iPad POS systems are powerful customer service tools
  • Streamline the sales process
  • Employee training is fast and minimal
  • Environmentally friendly – email receipts, and store signatures electronically!

Better equipping your business leads to happier, more effective staff. Adding an iPad register to the ERPLY ecosystem is seamless, and has a very low cost to entry.

The New iPad POS app allows you to run your business with efficiency and style. Cloud integrated, easily configured and mobile, ERPLY iPad POS system simplifies running multiple registers. Ring up sales, track customers, manage inventory and employees from any wireless network.

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Speedy Transactions.
Email receipts.

Everything from small sales to complex custom sales orders are processed in a blink! Log in to your iPad point of sale system to sell anything from anywhere. Synchronization with POS system back-office happens automatically.
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ERPLY iPad POS system e-mail receipt

Return / Void with iPad POS system

Returning items is no longer a difficult process. You can now return and void items while being completely mobile. Enter the customer receipt number, to pull up the original, select items to be returned and reimburse the funds.
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ERPLY iPad POS system void items

Add & Edit products straight from iPad POS system

More back-end functionality at your fingertips. Add your product details and capture product picture with iPad camera, all from the settings menu. Adjust your tax rates and be up selling without using your regular cash register.
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ERPLY iPad POS system product editing

Printing from iPad Point of Sale System

Print Receipts and Z-reports automatically with Star Micronics printer via wireless connection. Utilizing integrated Card payments, Customers can add signature straight from the iPad POS System touch screen to be auto-printed on the receipt in seconds.
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ERPLY iPad POS system print receipt view

Customizable Store settings

ERPLY's back-office makes setting up your store easy. Configure your stores and registers, add locations, manage inventory, track employees and you’re ready to sell in just a few minutes. Manage multiple stores from one device.
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ERPLY iPad POS System configuration view

Interact with customers, stay social

Get to know your customers and build solid relationships using our integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Add customers to the iPad POS System as you meet them. Track your VIP's and treat them with special price lists, promotions and/or loyalty programs.
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ERPLY iPad POS System edit customer data from POS

Connected to powerful iPad POS Back-office

Automatic stock replenishment

Figure out which products are hot and which are not! Pull product reports and automate your stock replenishment process utilizing ERPLY’s POS System powerful re-order points. Manage your entire inventory in real time, from anywhere, on one central platform.

Realtime reporting across your stores straight from iPad POS System

As the back-end is web-based you can log on anytime and anywhere. Easily run pre-defined or create custom reports. See sales by accounts, product groups or by employees! Export your reports to excel quickly and painlessly.

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iPad POS Dashboard

100K+ Stores worldwide

"I needed something that was compatible with an iPad as that is how I wanted to handle sales. ERPLY iPad POS was the perfect match for my store. Not only does it act as a cash register, but it tracks all of my customers, invoices, sales and inventory. Most of the software that I was seeing was inventory management only." - NYLuxuryWatches
using iPad POS System in store

Erply iPad POS System Works for Small Businesses, scalable for Enterprise

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Watch video: Credit Card Transaction with Erply mobile iPad POS

Credit card payments on iPad Pos

A secure way for payment processing
  • Starting from 1.9% per swipe
  • Built-in PCI compliance
  • Use full featured inventory management
  • Receipt printer and cash drawer support

Integrated merchant account providers only, contact ERPLY iPad POS sales team for options. iPad™ is a trademark of Apple Inc. iPod touch®, and iPhone® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.