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Whether you have a multi-store retail enterprise or a temporary pop-up shop, Erply’s iPad POS is the perfect solution to take your point of sale directly to your customers. It’s easy to use, and it connects to the same sophisticated back-office and inventory management tools that successful retail businesses come to expect. You’ll enjoy a streamlined experience without losing the robust capabilities you need in your POS system. If you’ve considered setting up an iPad POS, it’s time to recognize the distinct benefits that Erply’s solution can bring your business. For companies of any size, implementing this POS interface can offer the following advantages:

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Lower cost of Entry. If you’re setting up your first retail store, a tablet-based point of sale offers you a streamlined setup. Postpone a receipt printer and send your receipts by email. Use the touchscreen instead of a scanner or keyboard. Employee training is fast and minimal because almost everyone is familiar with the iPad interface, and our system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Mobile Product Lookup.  Offer immediate product and inventory information to customers, and then quickly perform a transaction out on the sales floor. Query products by name or code, select items from an inventory list or integrate a Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Mobile Payments.  Our iPad POS allows you to accept payments quickly from any location, providing a wide range of PCI compliant mobile payment options from trusted merchants worldwide. Erply’s iPad POS provides secure payment processing, X-reports by card type, and electronic signature capture.

Mobile Stocktaking.  Double check inventory levels in the system against actual counts in the store. Hand an employee an iPad, and they can enter counts directly into the system. Erply provides a stocktaking interface compatible with all mobile scanning devices.


Powerful POS Functionality

No matter which platform you prefer, Erply provides a comprehensive feature set for retail performance you won’t find anywhere else. Our system is intuitive to set up – meaning you can quickly train your staff and get out from behind the counter. Install the system on a register or take it to a tradeshow, event, or shop floors. Perfect for businesses that are on the gofont-weight: 400; , the app is optimized for the familiar iPad experience, so you’ll be conducting business in no time.

Cloud-based with Offline Functionality.

Run your POS online and offline with our cloud-hybrid system. All the benefits of the cloud without dependency on internet access.

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Retail CRM.

Get to know your customers and build solid relationships using our integrated Customer Relationship Management. Erply provides complete customer information at a glance: how many store visits, how many reward points, contact information, favorite products, birthday, and more. Add customers to Erply’s iPad POS System as you meet them.

Real-time X reports.

View register totals with a breakdown of payment types at the POS with real-time data. Administrators can view all POS data in real time from any location.

Employee Management.

Set up commissions and sales goals. Employees can monitor their progress from the POS. Track hours using Erply’s built-in time clock. Decide which employees have the right to add, edit, or delete information, give discounts, return merchandise, open and close the store, and even access the system at different store locations.

Gift Cards.

Create gift cards at the POS without additional software. Run reports to track gift cards sold and redeemed.

Powerful Back Office

All Erply accounts leverage a suite of retail management tools to help you manage your inventory. Figure out which products are hot and which are not! Pull product reports and automate your stock replenishment process utilizing ERPLY’s powerful reorder points. Manage your entire inventory in real time, from anywhere, on one central platform. Configure your stores and registers, add locations, manage inventory, track employees and be ready to sell in just a few minutes. Best of all, you can manage multiple stores from one device. Add your product details and capture product photos with the tablet’s built-in camera, all from the settings menu. Adjust your tax rates and focus on upselling without using your regular cash register. Simply put, our tablet solution comes with all the bells and whistles needed to set up and manage each aspect of your store, from wherever you need to do it.

Centralized Visibility.

Erply offers industry-leading inventory management tools, giving you the tools to buy, sell, register, and write off products with ease. Using built-in FIFO practices, combined with our sales and warehouse reports, you can make smart decisions about inventory and warehouse space.

Stock Transfers.

View stock locations across multiple stores. Easily transfer inventory between locations.

Warehouse Web App.

Streamline the process of receiving, shipping, and taking inventory. Just get a phone or tablet and connect a barcode scanner.

Price Lists.

Multiple price lists can be associated with a single centralized inventory, giving you the freedom to offer different prices based on location and/or customer group. Price lists can also be assigned a start/end date to support promotional markdowns.

Tax Rates.

If your stores operate in locations with different tax rates, Erply has you covered. Tax rates can be set by both product and location. Set and manage different tax rates for all of your stores.

Built-in Promotions and Loyalty.

Create promotions for the entire chain or just one location. Set up qualifiers, choose BOGO, % or $ discount. Create promotions just for your rewards customers.

Real-time Reports.

Our back-end is web-based, so you can log on anytime and anywhere. Easily run pre-defined reports, or quickly create custom ones. See sales by accounts, product groups or by employees and then simply export your reports to excel.

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