Erply iPad POS puts retail businesses and customers first

A better mobile POS

From single-store cafes and retail shops to global Fortune 500 companies, Erply iPad POS is already providing businesses like yours with an easy-to-use, one-stop solution. A leading-edge point of sale, its offering is overflowing with inventory management tools and benefits that set a new standard for modern-day retail businesses.

Easy implementation

Setting up a business has never been easier. Erply’s plug-and-play setup lets you start selling without going though technical support. Simply integrate with your existing hardware or hook up a brand new device, and you’re ready to go.

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Get up and go. Fast.

New kid on the block? Erply iPad POS empowers new retail stores to set up and launch faster with our streamlined and easy-to-use solution and working seamlessly with your iPads. Its intuitive touchscreen interface means you can even train your employees in a snap on one of the world’s most popular tablets.

Endless benefits for you and your customers

Your customers are vital. And they’re what keep your business going. Give them instant product details and the inventory status in real time. Then finish your next transaction in seconds with a touch from your iPad on the sales floor. Product search couldn’t be easier and more flexible, either. Even integrate your business’s existing Bluetooth® barcode scanners into Erply iPad POS.

Safety and security in the cloud

Erply’s cloud-based solutions are designed specifically for retailers like yours, providing access to your data from anywhere in the world and from any device. Automatic updates and full data encryption with real-time backup mean your files are always safe and secure.

It’s all in the card

As popular as they’ve ever been, gift cards help your business bring in new customers. And they ensure existing customers become return customers. That’s why Erply iPad POS makes gift card creation easy and enables you and your staff to create them in seconds without leaving your iPad.

Empower your employees

Motivate your staff to help build your business as they monitor their sales goals and commissions in real-time. Track their hours, follow their progress, build discount campaigns, and much more. Even open and close your store. And did we mention that Erply iPad POS makes it easy to set what your employees have access to and what they don’t?

Putting the customer first

Customer loyalty has never been more important. And it’s never been easier. Whether you have just a single location or 100 locations across the globe, create your own, fully-customizable promotions and campaigns the way you want and with a range of discount options.

Generate customizable reports

All your data is instantly available to you in real-time from your iPad or any other internet-connected device. Exporting reports is as easy as 1-2-3, and with a range of easy-to-use filters, see your sales performances in a variety of different ways, by employees, product types and more.

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