Enterprise Implementation

Leverage our expertise to map Erply to your business rules

For businesses where Erply is not a plug-and-play solution, Erply is prepared to offer decades of combined experience in mapping complex software systems to complex business rules. Whether you need to integrate with an ERP system, develop new software features, or use the product in a unique way, we have a team that is highly skilled in fulfilling your needs.

Erply will help map out and organize the process, whether you’re migrating to new infrastructure, planning on subjecting the workforce to further training, streamlining the workflow, or introducing new protocols to your businesses processes. With any change, you always anticipate that problems and challenges will arise. With our expertise and experience, you can focus on your core services while you allow us to handle the big stuff. We guarantee that we meet or even surpass your expectations for faster and more efficient results.

Professional services

Every customer has unique needs, and we offer the following services as a path to full systems integration and activity.

For many cases, Erply has ready-made solutions that can quickly be configured to fit your unique business requirements. The advantage is two-fold: first is the faster transition when you migrate from physical to digital, for instance; and second, problem-solving is tailor-made to address any obstacles in the organization. You may think the challenges you face are unique and possibly overwhelming, but we’re confident that we can get it done.

Project management

Daily or weekly calls for status updates and next actions. Weekly calls are generally included in onboarding, and quarterly calls are part of account maintenance.

Workflow analysis

We walk through what you’re trying to do and work through the best way to accomplish this in Erply when there may be no current best practice. This includes documentation/steps/training video on new workflow outcomes.

Custom development

Analysis, specification, quote, UAT, and delivery of custom feature/function.


We work through best practice on a workflow with a customer at any level.

Onsite training

We come onsite and work through a pre-planned set of topics.

Ticket review

Tally, review and audit all tickets from an organization to find out persistent issues and recommend resolutions or custom training/documentation. This is generally done for quarterly calls.

Dedicated team

Erply’s team for your project will vary based on your specific needs but typically includes a project manager, implementation personnel, and one or more analysts. The implementation manager and project manager will be your main points of contact, dedicated to making sure that anything implementation-related such as imports, workflow consulting, training, GAP identification, scoping and testing is executed.

Erply’s skilled development team is available for any necessary custom work for the POS, Core Erply features, or custom reports.

Workflow consultation & development

Erply will perform an assessment of the customer’s workflow, identifying what’s working, what’s not working, what’s a standard solution, and what needs development. Erply’s standard workflow can be fully adopted after a thorough evaluation of the customer’s standard workflow.

Our goal is both to align Erply with your current workflows and advise best practices.

GAP analysis by consultant

  • Erply’s workflow can be customized to fit the specific workflow of the business.
  • Meetings can be arranged via webmeeting, at which point the expectations will be outlined by both the implementation manager and the customer.
  • Items are then integrated into GAP to give a clear picture of process needs.
  • The Implementation Manager will provide a GAP analysis for review by the customer.
  • Developmental addresses move to quote and SOW.
  • Delivery and documentation are completed by phases, before testing and approval through the customer sandbox.

Production account setup and configuration

We will configure your account, which includes:

  • Company set up (corporate info)
  • Location & register configuration
  • Tax rates configuration
  • Promotion/Price list creation (if applicable)
  • Customer group creation (if applicable)


  • All Staff levels (remote) 8 hrs inclusive
  • Headquarters, store management and point of sale operations are heavily featured in our training module
  • The implementation manager will identify and recommend the best method of training
  • The training session typically requires one hour but can be easily customized to fit customer preference

The implementation manager will provide regular updates—either weekly or bi-weekly—on the status of the services implementation until the whole process goes live. This is our guarantee to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

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