Erply’s API opens a wide range of possibilities to integrate into e-commerce shops and connect to any existing software. Businesses looking for a solid, scalable, and fully featured cloud-based inventory backend can look to Erply’s API.

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No point of sale is an island. Enterprise chains and single-store startups depend on a wide range of software systems to manage costs and engage with customers.

Erply’s API opens a wide range of possibilities to integrate into e-commerce shops and connect to any existing software. Businesses looking for a solid, scalable, and fully featured cloud-based inventory backend can look to Erply’s API.

  • ERP integrations
  • Custom integrations
  • Plugins and add-ons
  • eCommerce
  • Inventory management tools
  • POS applications
  • EDI integrations
  • Loyalty programs and promotions
  • BI tools
  • Automated warehouses

Full hardware fexibility

Erply offers full hardware flexibility so retailers have more control over how their stores are set up. Choose what devices to integrate with your point of sale and expand upon current POS features.

Examples of Erply’s hardware integrations:

  • Choose from several direct and integrated printing options. Combine sales and payment receipts, and print through your payment devices.
  • Choose which cash drawer to integrate with your POS and keep your money secure.
  • Integrate scales with Erply’s API to create weight-based barcodes and speed up the checkout.
  • Customize your in-store displays with by integrating sales data at the checkout using our customer display app.
  • Use barcode and QR scanners to quickly identify customers at the POS.

Custom software integrations

With Erply, you can completely customize your POS using the WebSocket protocol. Integrate your point of sale data with existing software and third-party applications.

Use Erply’s software development kit (SDK) to easily build your own custom solutions. SDKs give developers access to standard components and databases so they can easily develop, test, and deploy plugins.

Examples of Erply’s software integrations:

  • Integrate with tax collection services, like Avalara
  • Connect with e-commerce platforms to set up or integrate with an existing webshop
  • Customize POS functions, such as receipt printing and inventory management solutions
  • Create your own custom integrations

Existing Integrations

At Erply our goal is to provide our customers with in-house built integrations where we do not make any sacrifices in security and reliability. All our in-house built integrations are free of charge to our customers and can be easily set up from the Erply backoffice.

We are constantly building new integrations to keep up with our customers demands and requests as well as maintain our existing integrations to guarantee that they are up to date and using the best and latest technologies.

Feel free to reach out to us at and we will happily give you a presentation for any of our existing integrations.

Our current integrations include:

Integrations being currently worked on include:

  • Prestashop

  • Zapier

  • Pointy

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