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ERPLY as a multi-channel ecommerce platform enables merchants to start selling both online and offline. Product management and inventory replenishment is done in one place. Receive orders from sales representatives, physical stores, phone sales, email, ecommerce channels to one centralized inventory management system. Seamlessly keep inventory in sync across all channels.

It is costly and often impossible to get your traditional POS, inventory management and ecommerce solutions to work together. ERPLY on the other hand is built with multi-channel sales in mind. Depending on your needs you can pick a simple shopping cart solution or fully fledged ecommerce software.

ERPLY eCommerce
(a WordPress shopping cart)

This is our custom built ecommerce software for retailers and b2b merchants who really want a fine tuned online shopping experience for their customers. The ecommerce platfrom can be customized with your own branding and design. All ERPLY loyalty features, promotions and pricelists work in online store. The store can be integrated with your company web page, blog and social channels. Customer will have consistent shopping experience both online and offline.

Such flexibility and wealth of features requires a professional to create the design and do the setup. If you are a merchant looking for a full multi channel ecommerce solution, then please give the following link to your preferred web design and development agency. They will be able to help you reach clear understanding if this is the platform you need. After that they will be able to provide a cost estimate for design, setup and maintenance.

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Erply WordPress shopping cart


Shopify is a very popular SaaS ecommerce platfrom. Shopify is suitable for merchants who want to start selling on multiple channels with least effort. You can pick from many high quality pre-made designs that you can customize later. Shopify has all the basic tools for accepting orders and payments. Setting up the connection between ERPLY and Shopify is easy and does not require any technical knowledge. Once the connection is made, the single point for managing products and stock levels will be ERPLY.

Drawback of this solution is that you will not be able to take advantage of all the features that ERPLY offers. Shopify and ERPLY have overlap in only the most essential features. Please read this detailed article to find out more about the features you will be able to use with Shopify.

Experimental beta connectors


If you already own a PrestaShop store, then you can still benefit from ERPLY backend features and have your inventory management, order management and reporting in one central system. We provide a sample PrestaShop module for integrating with ERPLY. If you are a merchant, then you should definitely hire a PrestaShop expert for the job. The expert will be able to evalute the module with you, make any changes required by your type of business and set up the module.

Give this link to your PrestaShop expert.


ERPLY has also a good starting point for merchants already owning a store based on the popular Magento platfrom, We provide a sample Magento connector for integrating with ERPLY. This is not a ready made software component and you should hire a Magento expert for the job. The expert will be able to evalute the module with you, make any changes required by your type of business and set up the module.

Give this link to your Magento expert.


We have one more option for you if you did not find a suitable solution from the list above or you are looking to add other channels to your multi-channel setup. ERPLY API is a data exchange channel. A developer specialised in integration will be able to write a connector that can publish your product catalog and fetch incoming orders from any third party software or service.

Give this link to your preferred developer.

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Erply API

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