Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics RMS to Erply

Microsoft is ending the extended support of its POS software, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) on July 13th, 2021. The discontinuation of RMS means that Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) users will need to find a new solution before the software reaches the end of its life – or else risk losing their business data.

If you are looking for a better replacement and alternative to your Microsoft retail essentials, Erply’s POS is the perfect option. Leave the dinosaurs in the past and move your business into the future with Erply’s next generation, cloud-based platform.

Why Choose Erply Over the Microsoft Retail POS?

We already have a lot of experience with helping our clients to do a transition to Erply’s modern POS and inventory solution, we can accommodate the needs of your company while keeping your existing hardware setup. Former Microsoft RMS users prefer Erply POS because it’s a solution that’s extremely powerful, yet surprisingly lightweight!

We understand that it can be difficult to leave software that you’re already familiar with. With that in mind, Erply was designed to offer a seamless, comfortable switch – for both the front and back offices. Erply’s ERP solution is modern and flexible, yet powerful. Most importantly, it’s secure, to keep you and your customer’s data safe.

Erply is easy to install and is equipped with a suite of retail and inventory management tools, such as mobile warehouse management, custom stock reorder levels, and over 100 custom reports. On the marketing side, Erply offers several solutions, including a built-in CRM, loyalty programs, and powerful promotional campaign management. In summary, Erply has all of the tools that retailers need to run and grow a successful business.

Businesses of all sizes utilize Erply POS, from small corner stores to enterprise-level retail chains. All POS transaction data entered into the app will automatically be synchronized in real-time with your Erply account, no matter the size of your business, for 100% accurate books and reports. Internet outages pose no problem to Erply – our retail POS software works both online and offline, so you never miss out on valuable sales data.

Erply POS supports the following features: granular inventory management, sales processes from supplier to sale, multiple refund options, purchase orders, and invoices, reporting, bookkeeping, and much more.

Don’t worry about purchasing new hardware; Erply works with virtually any hardware, so you can keep your existing store setup. Cash drawers, receipt printers, customer displays, scanners, and more. Erply covers them all.

Feature and Price Comparison

When it comes to POS pricing, Erply is an extremely flexible option. Erply has several SMB and enterprise pricing packages to choose from. Are you an enterprise looking to make the switch? Contact us to learn more about our custom enterprise pricing.

Current RMS users are required to pay additional fees for necessary POS functionality, including automation, marketing tools, and even customer support. That means that most businesses using Microsoft RMS are paying at least $436.30 a month to run their business on a dying platform.

Erply handles pricing a bit differently. In addition to our flexible (and cheaper) pricing plans, we also firmly believe that the most important retail tools should be included in your POS. That’s why a majority of our functionality, including full access to customer support, comes at no additional cost.

See how Erply matches up to Microsoft RMS:

Erply Microsoft RMS
Terminal & Mobile POS
Self-service POS
Warehouse Management
Compatible with any hardware
24/7 support
NFC Loyalty program
Free trial
Price From $99 per month From $436
Start a Free Trial

4 Key Reasons Why You Should Upgrade from RMS to Erply

1. Complex POS with easy integration

  • We have all the features that you’re using right now and even more
  • Easy transition from one POS to another
  • 24/7 phone & email support, always
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Omnichannel retail tools.

2. Unmatched inventory management

  • Control prices, purchasing, and inventory, reports—by location or region
  • View, analyze, and collaborate for full business operations
  • Standardize or differentiate store wide policies
  • Keeping  your stores well-stocked with inventory transfers
  • Unlimited inventory data storage

3. CRM tools to keep customers coming in…and coming back!

Customers expect a highly personalized experience. Outdated software, like RMS, makes it impossible for businesses to cater to the needs of every customer.

  • Customer segmentation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotional management
  • Customer and location-specific pricing

And when RMS shuts down, you’ll need to build your customer database from the group up. Erply can help import that data over to keep your business running smoothly.

4. Apps fit to your business

Erply excels where RMS falls short. Customization.

  • Employee Timeclock app
  • Asset management app
  • Mobile warehouse management app
  • And more!

Why Choose Erply as Your Alternative to Microsoft Dynamics POS?

Erply has helped retailers sell more since 2009 and has offices in New York, Toronto, Sydney, London and Tallinn. The company’s primary markets are the US, Australia and Europe; its largest customers include Porsche, The Athlete’s Foot, and Madvapes. And last but not least, over 400,000 businesses across the globe use Erply run smooth retail operations.

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