Wholesale POS

Why is Erply perfect for wholesale and B2B retail?

If you’re running a wholesale business, you’re in a challenging middle position. It’s easier all the time for your buyers to reach manufacturers directly, so you need to provide the extra value that keeps your customers around. Businesses choose Erply for its accurate cost control features, built-in CRM, and easy workflows to generate attractive yet profitable sales quotes.

From Quotes To Shipping

Erply’s built-in sales workflow allows you to create custom quotes that change to orders, invoices, and packing slips with a click.

Just-In-Time Inventory

Save valuable warehouse space and use Erply to generate purchase orders for materials exactly when you need them.

Document Templates

Take advantage of professional looking templates for quotes, invoices, purchase orders, and other documents.

Price Lists

If you sell to contractors, you can set up special pricing to keep them coming back for those large, reliable purchases.

Inventory Details

Sell items by weight, length, volume, or other dimensions that apply to your inventory.

Customer Data

Keep track of customer info to better serve your B2B customers. Erply lets you store multiple points of contact for each business.

Track Inventory Costs

Erply follows FIFO principles, which allows your business to accurately determine Cost of Goods Sold and effectively measure profits.

Supplier Management

Keep strong supplier relationships by storing detailed supplier information. Automate orders for each supplier when inventory levels reach a defined threshold.

E-Commerce Integration

Offer a better customer experience. Minimize data entry errors and streamline your work process by integrating with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.