Omni Steel Supply

Located in New York and Maryland, Omni Steel Supply has been setting themselves apart from their competition through their dedication to helping customers. They pride themselves in going the extra mile for any specific requests a customer may throw their way. They do custom fabrication requests and can back nonstandard size orders for their customer’s per request. They are the client orientated company that iron workers, contractors, and DIY individuals are looking for. They even have a webshop where customers can order and pay for items if needed.


Prior to selecting Erply, Omni Steel had a handful of issues with creating proper reports and tracking inventory costs.

Choosing Erply

Erply stands out from many point of sale systems due to its ability to support sales quotes and special orders that can’t always be generated at a typical point of sale. Erply’s sophisticated inventory management tools allow tracking and by a number of different measures, such as item, weight, and length. And since the price of steel and other metals can vary significantly over time, Erply’s built-in FIFO inventory management tools help provide accurate Cost of Goods Sold reports.


Omni reports that Erply has helped their business tremendously in both inventory organization and ease of growth. Using Erply’s extensive and detailed reports, they can accurately track Cost of Goods Sold. They have also expressed their appreciation of the systems ease of use.