WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the leader in e-commerce platforms with around 28% of all the worlds’ e-commerce sites using WooCommerce to sell their products online.

We have made an Erply inventory and WooCommerce integration service that’s easy to use and flexible enough to handle multiple, complex business processes.

With our easy-to-use e-commerce integration panel, you’ll be able to integrate your Erply inventory and products with your WooCommerce store in minutes. Take full control of our suite of online retail tools to run a successful WooCommerce webshop.

Key functions
  • Real-time product & order synchronization
  • Selective sync:
  • Choose the fields you wish to import from Erply to WooCommerce
  • Multi-warehouse inventory: Combine inventory from multiple warehouses and export to WooCommerce
  • Mutli-Integration Support: One Erply account can be integrated with multiple WooCommerce stores

Integration Panel

Our WooCommerce integration panel allows you to easily select the product fields you wish to sync over to WooCommerce. You can also create new product fields to WooCommerce without having to manage the information from two different environments.

Real-time order syncronization

Purchases made in your online stores are reflected in Erply in real-time, making it really easy for you to keep track of sales from one place. Each sales document is also associated with the correct shipping information and can be easily found in the Erply POS. Document types can be managed in the integration panel.

Warehouse & Product Management

Once the synchronization is active, all product changes made in your Erply account will be sent over to your WooCommerce webshop in seconds, ensuring your customers always have accurate product information.

Centralized Customers Management

With our real-time integration, all of your customers and purchases will be transferred to your Erply account immediately after a webshop transaction is completed. New customers will be added to your Erply account whenever a new purchase is made.


Erply’s powerful reporting tool that you have already come accustomed to will also provide a wide variety of reports where you can see all your online and offline sales and make comparisons between different sales channels to gain a better insight of your day-to-day business and also make decisions based on the reports provided to you.

Multi-Store Functionality

Our integration enables you to sell different products in different e-commerce stores and you can also make the use of our price lists management that lets you define the exact prices for each product in each store.

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