ERP prep: Contactless and socially distanced payments

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced retailers to become creative. Although large-scale social distancing measures and brick-and-mortar cutbacks are very new for most of us, we’re here to help you get adjusted to the new normal. 

Whether you’re offering on-the-go product sales, doorstep pickup, or even some sort of delivery service, it’s essential for retailers like yourself to find solutions that protect the health of their employees and their customers.

Erply is compatible with plenty of payment solutions that can reduce or completely eliminate human contact when customers shop at your business.

take secure contactless payments with Erply

Contactless payments

For retailers deemed essential, it’s likely that you and your employees are in constant, face-to-face communication with your customers. 

Contactless payments are a great way to reduce the risks associated with interpersonal interactions. You probably already have hardware equipped to handle contactless payments!

Erply is compatible with payment devices that support the following:

  • NFC payments
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • SamsungPay
  • Pin and chip

These payment options mean you can make sales without handling a customer’s credit card or physically exchanging money —  both of which could potentially expose you to covid-19. 

Instead, customers can tap their card or mobile device to your card reader, and the transaction will process in just a few seconds. Payment hardware can be disinfected when all is said and done.

Are contactless payments secure?

Great question! Contactless payments are more secure than Magstripe or EMV transactions. They’re encrypted, PCI compliant, and more durable than magstripe (card swipe) transactions. 

That means you can offer cleaner ways for your customers to pay without compromising their security. 

Tech giants offering mobile contactless payments have their own security layers in place to ensure all transactions are authorized by the user — such as fingerprint, face ID, or pin code verification. 

Global Payments: Genius Vault

Global Payments (formally TSYS) is a payment processing company that a majority of Erply customers use. 

The Genius Value is a secure way to store customer credit card information and charge them remotely whenever a transaction is made. Some retailers might be familiar with this as a “card not present” transaction.

This is an excellent way to facilitate doorstep pickups, product drop-offs, or other solutions outlined above.

remotely charge customerss in Erply

Cards stored in the Genius Vault are accessible within your Erply account at any time for:

  • Recurring billing
  • One-time payments

Customers have the option to upload as many cards as they’d like and can remove them at any time. This means that you must create a customer profile in your Erply account for any customer wishing to participate in this service.

Why is this important? Email communication is becoming increasingly important for retailers who need to get the news out to customers regarding online product offerings, service changes, or inevitable store reopening dates. We encourage you to take advantage of this service to collect customer email addresses and enrich future communications. 

Retailers that set up Genius Vault before May 31st, are eligible for one free year of e-commerce through Global Payments. Reach out to your Global Payments representative to learn more. 

How do I use the Genius Vault?

In order for the Genius Vault to work with Erply, you’ll first need to “board” a customer credit or debit card.

Boarding a customer’s card is simple, all you need to do make an in-person transaction. The card that the customer wishes to save on file with you must be present. Erply will give you instructions from there.

Cards can be boarded from any device, including portable or mobile payment devices. Once boarded, your customer is ready for remote charges!

Contact us for more information, or check out our guide on how to use the Genius Vault within Erply.

Is the Genius Vault secure?

Yes! The Genius Valuit is a secure solution that encrypts all card information. It also exceeds the minimum standards required for merchant PCI compliance.

On the Erply side, only the last 4 digits of a customer’s card are visible, ensuring that their sensitive data is not seen by the wrong eyes.

While the Vault is a secure solution, we do want to note that a card-not-present solution can increase the risk of credit card decline. This could even be due to customer banks increasing security measures and requiring customers to manually approve unfamiliar transactions.

In these instances, Erply is not responsible for lost funds; they will need to be reconciled with your merchant or your customers. To minimize the likelihood of declines, we recommend only providing products to customers after a successful transaction.

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