How Experiential Retail Benefits Your Business

The traditional retail model focus only on products being sold in brick-and-mortar stores. Consumers, however, now seek a more engaging shopping experience.

Remodelling a store is no longer enough to bring shoppers. The brands that will thrive in the current retail industry, will do so by creating enthralling experiences that go beyond creative merchandise displays.


Go mobile

Rethink the way your customer shops at your physical locations by integrating a mobile app. From offering coupons in exchange of social media mentions to AR makeup counters, explore ideas that allow you to keep your customer at the shop and add layers to your brand experience.


Make your store smarter

Reduce costs by introducing IoT devices that increase efficiency. Smart labels, beacons, and self checkout counters are some of the tools that build a quicker and smoother customer experience. In the case of self serve registers, such as Erply Self Checkout, shoppers can finish a transaction in half of the time that it takes using a traditional checkout line. 


Create a multi-channel purchase journey

Becoming multi-channel is critical to find new customers and keep them engaged from the first digital ad impression to the purchase confirmation at your point of sale. Connect your shops with your e-commerce, and offer services such as Click-and-Collect to bring shoppers to your location and make deliveries a breeze. 


Identify winning strategies

Find what works and get rid of what doesn’t by improving data management. Solutions such as Erply POS and Back Office are able to manage day-to-day store operations while also reporting insights on inventory flow, employee performance, and best-selling items. 

The latest changes in the retail industry are driven by the shift in consumer demographics and the evolution of technology. By embracing these aspects, you can create a shopping experience that is designed to bring profit and generate growth.

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