Marketing With Erply

Marketing can seem like a taunting job, but we’re here to make it easier for you! 

Erply’s Promotions module is very useful in growing your customer base and making marketing more valuable.

Grow Your Database

Customer data is a key tool for growing a business. With customer data, you can always let interested parties know about different promotions and sales you are running which, of course, leads to more profit.

Require that customers provide their name, email address, and other important data in order to be eligible for any promotions. They’ll benefit from discounts, and you’ll gain valuable marketing data.

Encourage Bigger Purchases

90% of customers look for coupons when making online and offline purchases. Offering flat or percent-based discounts during holidays or seasonal changes can help attract business for new and returning customers alike, and can help them choose to make bigger purchases than they normally would.

Keep Inventory Moving

It wouldn’t be completely out of turn to say that all of us who have dealt with ordering inventory have ordered too much at one point or another. So what should you do with the extra? How do you sell winter clothes as the snow disappears and trees start getting green?

Encourage customers to purchase items that they normally wouldn’t spend money on with strategically timed sales. With Erply, your promotions can be limited to a date range or can last indefinitely, depending on your own preference.

Reportable Results

All promotions are trackable in Erply, so you can see exactly how much money was discounted during purchases. Promotion tracking can be done across all retail locations, by specific store, within a specific time frame, and much more.

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