Newsletter: November 2023

What have we been up to?

Sell your products directly through Google
Selling items through Google searches? The future really is amazing.
Information regarding this integration will be released soon, look out for it on our socials!

WooCommerce integration
The new UI for our WooCommerce integration is done! It’ll be released shortly, we’ll let you know about this on our blog and socials, as well.

Docura EDI: Dynamic routing
Our partners at Docura have recently added a new feature, dynamic routing. This is a new invoice sending solution that allows for channels to be automatically selected. Read more about it HERE!

ERPLY & Lumav Commerce: B2B e-commerce platform
Another big ticket item – our partners at Lumav have used our platform to help build a solution to operate B2B e-commerce stores. Contact them for a demo HERE!

Release Notes

POS Brazil 4.51.13
POS Brazil 4.51.14

What are we focusing on now?

New dashboard for back office
We’ve thought about it for a while, and now we’re finally getting started! A new dashboard look for our back office users, complete with graphs and analytics.

Stripe integration for POS
Our partners at Repairkeep already support Stripe, so why shouldn’t we?

New payment options?
Don’t tell anyone this, but we’re working on a top-secret project regarding payment providers. Shh!

Updates for POS app
We’re also going to focus on updating our POS app (codename Super Wrapper).

Amazon integration
We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a big project, so we’ll mention it again; we’re working on integrating our software with Amazon so our users would have more ways to sell their products. After all, if our users are successful, so are we.

Updates to the Stocktake app
With New Year’s on its way, we’re putting more and more effort into the apps that and features that are critical for that time of year. If you don’t yet know about this application, read more below!

Stocktake App

Since the end of the year, also known as Stocktaking Season, is once again creeping up on us, we thought we’d remind everyone about our Stocktake App.

It offers a beautiful paperless solution and automatic synchronization. Offline counting, package support, smart scan history and so much more!

Find out even more about this tool from HERE.

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