Avast/AVG Detection of ERPLY as Phishing is False-Positive!

Avast/AVG detection of eu.erply.com as a threat/phishing site is false-positive. Please rest assured that ERPLY is virus-free and contains no malware. We already reported this issue to Avast/AVG to remove the flag. Meanwhile, please use the following guide to solve the issue:


A temporary solution is adding URL exceptions to your antivirus program until the false positive flag is removed from Avast/AVG official antivirus database. 

Add exception URL based on your account’s region: 

Europe https://eu.erply.com/ 

Australia https://au.erply.com/ 

US https://us.erply.com/ 

Sandbox https://t10.erply.com/ 

AVG Antivirus

  1. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Exceptions -> Add exception. Then add URLs Exception.

Avast Antivirus

  1. Go to Menu -> Preferences -> Core Shields -> WebShield. Then add URLs Exception. 

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