Organise Your Day to Day Accounting with Erply Books

Erply Books has many features to help you to organise your day to day accounting tasks. With the report generator, you can easily create custom reports according to your needs. Reporting will help you to monitor queries more efficiently, as well as offering a host of other useful functions. Let’s take a closer look at some of Erply Books’ features in more detail. Report Generator

Erply Books’ Report Generator feature is simple to use and gives you the freedom to create a variety of reports according to your needs. Simple queries can be returned by filling in as few as two fields, while the Tables function allows you to choose the data you want to display, e.g. invoices, transactions, contacts, etc..

Many examples of POS software generate reports that include data you don’t actually need, making it more difficult for you to pick out the information you desire quickly…  In Erply Books, however, the level of detailed returned in any given report can be customised to suit your business. 

For example, when creating a report about invoices, you may not want it to return information about invoice currency or VAT percentage. But, you may need details about invoices’ creation date and sum. You can specify exactly which data you want a report to generate with Erply Books’ output function.  

Find the Exact Information You Need with Detailed Queries 

In some situations, a merchant may need more detailed reporting information about its invoices, transactions, etc. Being able to set different filters in Erply Books allows you to monitor your results based on a specific period of time, specific keywords, and more.

If the situation calls for it, you can also add a new search parameter to create an extra field in your report. Let’s take our example of needing to see invoices from a certain period of time. To do so in Erply Books, simply create a query that searches for the creation date of invoices. For example, “invoices created before the 4th of March”. Or, in the case of wanting to return invoices with contacts that match specific keywords, again it’s a simple case of creating a query like “organizations that have the word “sport” inside their name”.

With detailed queries in Erply Books, you can easily seek out the information you really want, while filtering that which you don’t.

Monitor and Manage E-mail Communication

Managing e-mail is now an unavoidable part of a retailer’s daily workload, and the sight of an overflowing inbox can sometimes be overwhelming when you have so much else to deal with in other aspects of your business. So, when you are responding to emails, the knowledge that your message has reached and been opened by its intended recipient is a huge weight off your shoulders – and it can give important information to you on how to manage your accounts.

Erply Books allows you to monitor the status of your emails via the Report Generator – letting you know who’s opened them and when, or if an email has “bounced. – especially important if you are sending a single email to a large list of people, for example.  Being able to monitor the status of your emails will help you to improve communication with your partners and speed up a number of tasks,  some of which can be negatively affected by delayed or missed communication.

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