Introducing Brazil POS: Erply’s Rebuilt Point of Sale

Erply POS has been rebuilt from the ground up. With our newest update, dubbed Brazil POS, you can expect higher quality features, faster performance, and a much more user-friendly experience.

Every function, screen, and API request has been rewritten to ensure a fully optimized, compliant POS experience. This project has been completed by 10 engineers over a 4-month period, and is now ready for live user testing! 

What does that mean for Erply users?

Additional details on our new and improved POS features can be found below. 


We love your feedback — contact us at if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns. 

Same frontend, faster backend

Hate when your favorite app gets a shiny new update, but rearranges its features under entirely new menus and layout designs? Us too. 

We packed a ton of great new features into the familiar Erply POS layout that you know and love. Less disruption means you can spend less time relearning how to use a POS, and more time running your shop. Eagle-eyed users might notice subtle UI changes that give the POS an overall cleaner look. 

Because the new POS backend is built on Javascript, not Java, you’ll never have to worry about licensing fees. Hardware integrations will also benefit from a faster direct connection to peripherals. We’re dedicated to keeping up (and pushing ahead) with industry standards to give the best tools to grow your retail business.

The new Erply POS

Powerful new features

You asked and we listened! Performance improvements aren’t the only thing to expect with this update. Our rebuilt POS comes with several new features that enable you to run a faster, data-driven business.

New Erply POS features:

The list doesn’t end there! We’re constantly adding new POS features to improve your retail experience.

What’s next for Erply POS

Didn’t think our new POS could get any better? Think again! Brazil POS users can expect several updates in the near future.

UI Improvements

POS users can look forward to additional UI improvements that will enable employees to navigate the POS screen faster. If you’re looking to create a fully branded POS, keep an eye out for additional UI customization options.

A growing list of integrations

Because we’ve rebuilt Brazil POS code for flexibility, we can work on rolling out integrations with new hardware devices faster than before.

We’re constantly working on improving our list of hardware integrations and value your feedback. Be sure to let us know if you have any integration requests. 

Help whenever you need it

There are going to be times where you or your employees have a POS-related question, such as where to locate a setting, or what that setting does. What’s more, it can be hard to call in for the help you need during busy days or peak shopping hours. 

We’re introducing Seller Help Functions, a built-in help system that can give you POS information on-the-fly. Seller Help Functions will be key for those fast-paced moments where you might not have time to log into our support site. 

Erply POS will also add setup wizards to ensure a smooth POS setup without needing to call into support.

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