Erply’s Client Kakkutalo Gilan: The Dream of Two Bakers

If you travel to Scandinavia and happen to visit Finland, then you should definitely taste the delicacies of Finnish family bakery Kakkutalo Gilan. This 30-year-old family business is cherished by locals and visitors of Finland, and they are also a great Erply customer.

True to its name, Kakkutalo’s (The Cake House) main focus are skillfully-made fillings and sandwich cakes, which are served both at the café and on-demand. In addition to their café delicacies, Gilan also has its own luncheonette and catering service.

Most of Kakkutalo’s baked goods are made to order, and because cakes are a company specialty, they are also sold to other bakeries and cafés. Six days a week there is also a delivery service that brings the delicacies directly to the customer.

Kakkutalo Gilan founders Kaj and Marjatta Gilan in 1984. Photo from their private collection.

The Bakers as Artists

Kakkutalo Gilan’s history dates back to 1984, when two bakers, married couple Kaj and Marjatta Gilan, created Wiener Paakari Oy. From the very beginning they decided that they would not try to offer everything to everyone, and would only focus on confectionery products. Thus, instead of ordinary bakers working in the company, there would be confectioners – artisans who possess the arts and craftsmanship needed to make cakes and pastries.

The corporate culture of Kakkutalo Gilan shows through the fact that employees make a long career in the company. Many have worked there for the first time and stayed permanently until their retirement.

The recession in the 90s hit Finnish companies, yet Gilan’s family business managed to grow. They were even chosen as the 1996 company of the year in Järvenpää.

At the turn of the millennium, they decided to set up a private lunch kitchen. The new service was first offered to its own employees, but soon the lunch was also sold to customers. Now their large terraces can accommodate a good number of guests for lunch or coffee. Today the company serves lunch for up to 150-200 people daily, as it is especially popular among employees from the nearby businesses.  

The Family Business Goes On

During its long journey, the company has also expanded its operations. Sales to the Finnish capital Helsinki and nearby Vantaa city are increasing. Gilan’s goal is to seek more markets in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area through new partners and hosting services.

Kakkutalo Gilan relies on Erply to integrate their different services, shops, and connect to any existing software. They are able to open as many new locations as  needed, and while experiencing rapid growth, Erply’s scalable POS can keep up with their business. Erply enables them to handle their inventory, track special orders and manage inventory between all the locations.

The dream of two bakers eventually has grown through the decades. The company’s current CEO, couple’s son Mika Gilan, says that Kakkutalo’s future prospects are long-term plans. So – if you still have not made your holiday plans, then consider visiting Finland and Kakkutalo Gilan. And if you cannot travel soon, don’t worry at all – Kakkutalo Gilan will be there for many, many years.

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