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Passionate and knowledgeable employees are a key element to running a successful business in any industry. If you are a retailer, the value of the people who work for you cannot be understated. Your employees are the face of your brand, as they are very often the people that your customers interact within store. Educating employees on the values of your business is essential if they are to project to your customers the ideal image of your brand.

But how can your employees generate success in your business if they are not motivated to work for you?

Erply Employee Features

One of the most effective employee motivation tools in sales is, without a doubt, commission. 

And with Erply, you can manage your staff in the same system that you use to manage your sales. Employee commission can be set up as a percentage or an amount of money, with multiple layers to award staff for achieving set goals. You can also view your top sellers in a single report and award them, if you wish, with a different level of commission.

Erply makes setting up goals and rewarding your employees easy, thanks to its time clock feature. This feature collects your employee’s sales data in the commission report and allows both you and your employee to monitor their earnings from the commission.

The ability to monitor employees’ performance minute by minute means that your sales team will be energised to work in a more goal-oriented manner, and receive a boost of motivated when they see how well they are performing against the goals you set.


Setting Realistic Goals

With Erply’s time clock feature, you can monitor your sales team and take immediate action to counter underperformance in any member of the sales staff. If you notice an ongoing drop in performance for a particular employee, you are able to take steps to encourage them to improve, Such as including setting up personalised goals that will help them to achieve their target more easily.

In your sales team, your staff has a fair idea about whose role, unofficially, is whose. For instance, who in the team is the natural leader, consistent star performer, constant struggler, etc.. 

Perceptions of your employees towards each other form naturally over time and these can become paradigms. Some of your staff may start to believe that they are not as worthy or valuable as the top seller of your team, for example. Therefore, general goals that have been set up to be attained by every member of the team might not feel like a realistic and achievable target for every individual. If your employees don’t believe that they can achieve your goals or attain the rewards available for doing so, they might not show enough effort to improve themselves.

Monitor individual employees closely with Erply’s reports and try to set special rewards and goals according to each of their levels of success. If you take each person’s individual strengths and weaknesses into consideration and work with them in a considerate manner, their confidence will soon improve and, in time, they will be able to work towards higher sales targets.  


How Much Your Employees Know About Your Products?

Making sure that your sales representatives are familiar with your products is essential. If you are a retailer that provides a variety of products, this can get tricky for your staff, especially for new members of the team. In this case, dividing up specific tasks between them can be the most effective method of generating a contented workforce and avoiding confusion or inefficiency.

To facilitate this, Erply allows you to utilise a user permissions feature. For example, you can give users permission to perform stocktaking for certain products or product groups. You can also set up user groups, and add employees to a group that has permissions for a specific product or product group.

When you sell a variety of products, you can divide your staff into teams that will cover different areas of your store. This will help them to have better information about their own specific area, instead of a more watered down understanding of all the products on offer. When your sales representatives work in specific groups, they can also direct your customers to the right person to handle queries better.

Being able to work from anywhere in the store with Erply, your staff will have more time to familiarise themselves with your products and spend more time dealing with customers. Employees can easily look up information, track their assignments or sales, and all the while still be exploring and learning about your product range.

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