Introducing the Erply Dashboard app

We’re excited to announce the release (2019) of Erply Dashboard, the easiest way to get real-time business information sent straight to your mobile device.

Whether you need business insights on-the-go or a detailed breakdown of top-selling products across your retail chain, Erply Dashboard gives you the tools you need to make data-driven decisions. 

Read on to learn more about Erply Dashboard’s cloud-based features and how to get started with the app.

Never miss a beat

Erply Dashboard helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your retail business. Monitor anything from daily store info to big-picture insights, all under one roof. 

View activity across all store locations, identity peak hours, and compare store performances. All business data in Erply Dashboard can reflect a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timeline, or can be filtered out by a specific date range. 

The best part? Erply Dashboard is completely secure. Set up user rights so only trusted managers can create, view, or export reports. Erply Dashboard puts you in complete control of your data. 

A suite of visual reports on your mobile device

Erply Dashboard helps you get the most out of your data. Create graphs, analyze your data from multiple views, and make smarter data comparisons. Add or omit data such as average basket items or number of sales to get a full understanding of your retail business.

Erply Dashboard includes: 

And more! Erply Dashboard’s list of reports and comparisons is constantly growing for full business transparency.

Dive deeper with custom data

If you’re looking for granular analytics, custom data uploads can be used to populate graphs with even more information. Customer demographics, for example, can be added to your datasets to help uncover shopping trends across your stores. 

New to Erply? Import years worth of business data into Erply Dashboard for instant business insights, no matter what POS platform you ran your business on.

What’s next for Erply Dashboard?

We’re not done yet. Look out for these new features and improvements:

Have an idea for a new feature? Let our team know at

How do I get Erply Dashboard?

In order for Erply Dashboard to work, you’ll need to be an Erply POS user. Log into your Erply account from the Dashboard app to sync your business data.

If you’re not already an Erply user, you can sign up here, or learn more on our website.

Android users can get Erply Dashboard from the Google Play store

iPhone users can download Erply Sales Dashboard from the App store.

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