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KOOKAÏ is an Australian-owned women’s fashion label that is defined by an essence of femininity, confidence, allure, and independent style. KOOKAÏ designs its own products in its very own creative studio and operates more than 30 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Why KOOKAÏ Chose Erply

Decision Process

KOOKAÏ needed a POS system that could support integration with other software, which has been used for its overseas manufacturing, as well as Tyro, its CRM and shipping providers. The implementation process needed to be rolled out as quickly as possible across KOOKAÏ’s 30+ stores.

Relying previously on a legacy POS and ERP system, KOOKAÏ also wished for an upgrade in order to achieve a better handle over its stock levels and in-store sales performance.

Valuable Solutions

KOOKAÏ’s product data is now stored in Erply’s Inventory Management Back Office, and stock handling is also managed there. Erply’s development team has built in extra functions, which allows users like KOOKAÏ to customise stock allocation and product matrix tools according to their specifications. Erply Back Office is also a hub for managing e-commerce. All online sales data is retrieved by Erply, which features real-time synchronization with KOOKAÏ’s online sales platform. In this way, it can easily run performance reports and manage online sales orders efficiently.

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