Back-to-School Sales

It’s August, and that always means two things: summer is almost over, and it’s the time for parents to buy their children school supplies!

According to the research conducted by the National Retail Federation, the average American family will spend almost $900 for school supplies – that includes clothing, shoes, stationery, and electronics. This number is almost double for college students!

Here are some of our tips for how to make the most of this season with Erply.

#1 Market to parents and students

Now, this one is definitely a given, but as I was taught in school, “Repetition is the mother of learning”.

Most of the spending in regards to school supplies will be done by parents, so it’s important to keep that in mind in your marketing. Induce comfort and security. Show how your products work together to make kids safe.

#2 Product Bundling

Speaking of showing products together, why not create bundles and sell more through that?

For busier families, bundled offers are incredibly convenient, and they can be made fun for the kids. Sell backpacks that are filled with the necessities – notebooks, pencils, pens, pencil case, diary, etc.

#3 Partner Up with Non-Competitors

People enjoy comfort. Make shopping the easiest experience ever by partnering with non-competitors to reduce the number of options they have, thus quickening the decision-making process!

Create interesting deals, for example if a customer buys stationery for the amount of $50 from your store, they get a 10% discount from a specific electronics product from your partner store.

#4 Bulk Prices

If you’ve ever had to buy notebooks, you know that you can never have too many of them.

Offer your customers the chance to buy more for less! This tactic can also be used in September or October if you have large amounts of leftover stock.

To do this in Erply, you can use either Promotions or Quantitive Price Lists.

#5 Consider a Cash-Back System

Consider creating a cash-back reward system for back-to-school products. This way you can make sure that families will come back to your business to buy supplies continuously during the school year.

This can be done in Erply through the Loyalty Points feature.

#6 Special Discounts for Students and Educators

Create special discounts for those going to school. These can be either for all students and teachers or for a specific group, for example discounts on backpacks for kids who are going to the first grade.

It’s important that your customers remember your business and have a fond memory attached to it. One way this can be accomplished is by “secret” discounts – small percentages that you don’t show in your marketing, but one that a cashier can add to the purchase: “There’s this discount that is technically meant for our own workers’ families, but I can sneak it into your cart.” Even though it is meant to be added to customers, it will make them feel appreciated.

Remember that most families are just trying to make the most of their budget. Make them remember your store as the place to do so!

#7 Host an Event

Increase traffic in your store by hosting a back-to-school event.

Host a party with exclusive discounts or organize a textbook swap. Remember to keep all activities kid-friendly!

#8 Create Downloadable or Grabbable Content

Make the process easier! Offer your customers free school supply checklists, budget estimates, and product suggestions.

You can post this on your website or print them out and give them to shoppers in your stores, but we would recommend making them downloadable content available to newsletter subscribers – add a tag or attribute to the customers who sign up from this link and you can email them next year as well!

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